Add more maneuverability in air

Kleese is already the biggest support in the game with the least amount of life. I hate when I accidently hit space to many times and end up hovering in the air like a bafoon. It sucks that you have to take a helix to cancel it, especially when the other two options are better I think.

Can we have maybe just a little better movement in the air? Heck he has 6 jets attached to his chair! Are they useless? I’m not asking for Benedict movement, but something better than we have now because at the moment you just go in whichever direction you were heading and if its straight up welp, take a drink and wait to come back down.

His jump is barely useful so he needs this.
Yes he’s the only support that can access hard to reach places but it’s Kleese so he’s pretty easy to take down if he tries to be sneaky to assume high vantage point since he’s so frail.
Double jumping pretty much makes you an easy target because of your massive size and predictable flight as at least Benedict can heavily change his altitude and flight pattern.