Add old drops to the game

There are a number of epic pieces of gear - shields, grenades and weapons - that were for old, short time events that need to be put into the game permanently. The 2 that stand out the most are the Ghast Call (all variants) and the Wedding Invitation. These 2 weapons were devastating when they came out and would be even stronger with the new Mayhem 10 levels and new modifiers. I understand that some gear was dependent on seasonal changes (Halloween skulls/terror anoint) and that they would not work with the current game. But the Ghast Call and Wedding Invitation can be added with no issues.

Please add these to the game and let us farm for them on Mayhem 10


Concur. Wedding Invitation needs to be obtainable as a drop. Belongs in DLC2 IMO.

Ghast Call would be nice, but ATM grenades don’t scale with Mayhem level. Have to address that issue first.

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