Add on content pack not working

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i recently bought the add on content pack for borderlands 2, which gives mechromancer and 2 campaign add on packs etc i inserted the disc they downloaded fine, when i load up borderlands 2 it is still asking me to pay for the character and that i dont have the dlc? please help

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Did you buy the season pass?

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do i need to buy the season pass? for it to work, i just bougth the add on content pack for borderlands 2 and the original game both on disc

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Is it the Handsome Collection ? The following link will help you figure out how to fix your problem its a link to customer Support

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no this is for borderlands 2

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Either way that link should help you its a customer support link and you will have to fill out some info . It should be easy and work from now on . Borderlands The Handsome Collection includes all the dlc and the season pass gives you all dlc . Here is what you get from the season pass

Customer support link is below
Edit: Bl2 and backwards compatibility bl2 is different . Thank you Vault Hunter!

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First off, are you on XB1 (and playing via backwards compatibility) or 360?

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im playing on xbox one with both discs borderlands 2 (xbox 360) and borderlands 2 Add on content pack (xbox 360) via backwards compatability

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OK, I think this may be the source of the problem. Putting a BL2 disk in to the XB1 triggers the download of the backwards compatible digital version, which technically contains all the content. As far as I can tell, from there on out the system looks at your purchase history to determine which components of the game you have a licence to use. The support desk should be able to confirm with you whether or not this is the case.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of things you could try to see if it unlocks the additional content. One would be to do a full power reset of your XB1 to clear cached data. The other would require you to still have a working 360 handy: you could install the add-ons there, make sure any cloud sync saves are updated, and then restart the game on your XB1.

The backwards compatible titles on XB1 can be a bit funky with regards to licencing, unfortunately, and it’s not always clear exactly what’s going on since you can’t view the actual game files and save directories on XB1 to see what’s installed. I do know that there have been multiple reports on these forums of issues around DLC access for the BL2 version.

Hopefully, you can get this situation straightened out with help from support. I would recommend keeping an eye out for a sale on the Handsome Collection though - that gives you literally everything for both BL2 and TPS, with a boost to 60 fps thrown in. Plus, you can transfer your existing save files and continue from where you left off.

Please let us know if you manage to get your content working!

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