Add the rest of the characters?

(Thrall Lover) #1

I just wanted to know if the remaining ten (or more, if you wanna include future characters) would be patched into the game. Attikus is on the loading screen and Reyna is in the preview pictures in the app store. Just want to see my main Thrall get some love.


I’d like to know this too. I’d really like to have ISIC and Caldarius. I’m almost done maxing gear for everyone available so far, so something else to work on would be great.

(Bassbeatdown) #3

I’m about 75% confident that the rest of the heroes will be coming soon. Besides the inclusion of Reyna in the preview, I think the news article on the Battleborn site mentioned all 25 Battleborn, as opposed to just 15

(Zafinus) #4

Battleborn Tap got a lot more attention than they were expecting so I imagine with it doing better then anticipated they will be adding more battleborn.

My question is will you automatically receive these battleborn if you’ve continued to prestige or how that situation will work.

(Roscoe_p) #5

They said their first big update will be three weeks after the release date. I would expect it then.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #6

How do you like the new characters, OP?

(Thrall Lover) #7

I love all the characters! It’s a damn shame we can’t have more than 5 XD