Add useful artifacts

Who is even using slide and slam artifacts? I’ve used them only for the added % weapon damage they have. 70% of the artifacts are slam and slide artifacts… why? Makes no sense to me. The only slide artifact that are sortof usefull are the ones that increase your movement speed…


Snowdrift for speed. Also, go for the legendaries always, as other ones dont really do anything.

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I’m guardian level 150, I only use legendaries :smiley:

I think people do use slide ones, but slam… yeaaahhh…

good, sorry for the misunderstanding. I also dont get all of the slam artifacts. slam is bad.
But a Snowdrift loaded dice? oh yes gimme gimme.

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I have some Safeguard ones. Might be useful in Raids. Maybe.

Yeah I’m not against it, it’s just weird to me how most artifacts are slam or slide, I’m sure they could add more useful attributes to artifacts.

A lot do but there are many very interesting ones, I was on the same page as the OP but the more I play the more interesting artifacts I’m finding.

So far same for me. Most times you cant use slam, and honestly im so used to bl2 that i totally forget than i can slide. I did however manage to get a action skill cool down bonus so its slotted untill i find something better.

i think the prevalance of slam and slide artifacts was to encourage a more mobile playstyle

Ok name me one because I think I’ve found all the items in this game already.

I’ve been using an elemental projector Otto, it’s really good. the legendaries get purple artifacts as prefixes, so you can combine a TON of varieties in that alone

I think the KnifeDrain ones might be good for melee builds but I don’t know that for sure. The Otto seems to also be a good all around mobbing artifact as well

A lot of people have been using deathless with moze for the shield builds, yeah its slide but the ability is huge.

I’ve seen zanes use ice breaker for his cryo synergy

Otto can help a lot with glass cannon builds for providing extra healing

Victory Rush combined with Fl4k’s other badass kill bonuses can be nuts

Unleash the dragon is nuts for melee builds

Banjo is a cool effect as well, I don’t have a great spot for it but im sure its out there

Then you have non legendary ones which can have cool effects as well.

We are just starting to figure them out I think


Would you like to hear about our lord and savior, Snowdrift?

im sorry, I am obsessed with these things. Snowball is best pet. Snowball doesnt push me around.


I’ve tried all of these artifacts and the best artifact for my build is a melee artifact because of the bonus % weapon damage, which is pretty dumb. I never melee.

Keep farming you could find a better one with similar bonuses

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I know several who use the slide relics and although I don’t use them much I can see the utility.

As for slam relics, I think the actual issue is how very situational slam is due to it’s height requirements. I rarely use the either. However have a legendary one that shoots out homing rockets on slam. I was on a Circle of slaughter last night and getting annoyed with the rakk staying out of my range. Then I remembered I had that artifact on me. So I equipped and climbed a crate and slammed. It seemed useful in that very specific situation, so I kept it on until all rakk were dead. Then I went back to using my electric banjo.

There is not much to pick from, most artifacts are melee, slide or slam. I use a melee artifact while I never melee, so it doesn’t say much what people are using.

I have a level 30 artifact that has +27/sec health regen and 35% rad resist. It adds rad damage to melee attacks too. Although I think you are right and think that most are pretty meh. I’m level 50 and haven’t seen anything more useful so far.