addAsteroid() Mystery Args

addAsteriod() has four mystery arguments at the end. addPebble() has three at the end. I randomly sampled some custom maps I have, and they’re all set to 0, as seems to be custom; however, I noticed that the Gearbox maps do define these with very specific values (as in values with several significant digits), so I’m guessing you guys know what they are. Karos Graveyard suspects that they’re rotation parameters, but it would be nice to get some confirmation. Were these ever publicly documented?

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I’m pretty sure they’re rotation paramaters. You could test this by putting asteroids next to each other with simple premuations on this and check them. Rotations are typically in degrees in this engine.

Also, high precision probably means their rotations were edited in a tool like maya or 3dsmax and then exported, I would imagine. If you just grab a rotation widget and spin something until it looks good, you’ll get very precise numbers without any special need for that precision.

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While they’re almost certainly rotational parameters, it would be nice for someone from GBX to swing by real quick and confirm and maybe briefly summarize the specifics.

Siber’s right.

There are several level functions with parameters no one has figured out yet AFAIK.

addDustCloud(<sObjName>, <sDustCloudType>, <tPosition>, <tColor>, ?, <fSize>);
addCloud(<sObjName>, <sCloudType>, <tPosition>, <tColor>, ?, <fSize>)
addNebula(<sNebulaName>, <sNebulaType>, <tPosition>, <tColor>, ?, <fSize>)
addReactiveFleetSlot(<sSobGroupName>, <iPlayerIndex>, ?, <tPosition>, ?, ?, ?, <sShipType>)
addReactiveFleetResourceSlot(<sResourceType>, <tPos>, ?, ?, ?)
addSalvage(<sChunkType>, <tPosition>, <fRU>, ?, ?, ?, ?)