Adding a fourth full skill tree for each vault hunter that has tons of amazing powers and action skills along with adding other things

Hi I play your game a lot and you guys still need to add much more to it. Please Gear Box give each vault a brand new full skill tree or expand the skill trees they already have. You guys told us this since you aren’t making new characters which I believe is a mistake on your part big time. But we should have got a brand new full skill tree that could be a fourth with all new amazing powers and action skills for each vault hunter or expand the ones you already have. You told us you would be doing this a while ago. We deserve and should get a brand new 4 skill tee for each character with awesome and amazing new powers and action skills for each vault hunter most or expand on the ones each vault hunter already has. We should have had it by now and you should and honestly give it to us by the next DLC for sure. Your players want this and need it and you have mentioned nothing about it lately which I think is a really bad move on your part and honestly makes no sense. We need more of an end game that makes us come back to the game every single day and this would be great for that and character progression. Also, you guys should be adding and bringing way more end game modes that are truly an end game and that is much deeper than mayhem. Also, add more new guardian ranks skills that are truly amazing and awesome. Seriously give us a brand new 4th skill tree or expand the skill trees each vault hunter has by your next dlc or very shortly after that because we seriously need it. And talk about it in the next borderlands show. Listen to your players please.


Am sure their exact wording wasnt quite that. Seem to recall it was said that they will expand on the skill trees or something similar

Not even that, they simply said that they would have “expanded on these characters”. Almost all of us convinced ourselves of the possibility of a fourth skill tree; at the moment, though, the most likely interpretation is that they were referring to DLC class mods.


We already have a forth skill tree and it consists of anointments, GR perks, and (most recently) mayhem modifiers. :partying_face:

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If they don’t make new characters (and that doesn’t look hopeful) they should add new skill trees to keep it interesting. Part of the longevity of the game is having a variety of ways to play. For me that’s always been more characters, at least new skill trees and AS will provide something different. Although, I‘d much rather have new characters.

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They said no new characters

for zane -> a grenade tree… atm there’s not much incentive to NOT pick 2 skills…

They said they weren’t planning any. They also said they’re were balancing the game but released M2.0, so… it could happen. :joy:

Care to place a friendly wager on it?

Yeah. I’d wager you didn’t get the sarcasm. :man_shrugging:

Given how they’ve handled things since release, it’s doubtful they’ll add anything like new characters or skill trees, or other things that gave BL2 such longevity. They need to fix the game in a major way before very few people are left playing.

Nice backpedal.

Anyway, they’re NOT adding new vault hunters.

Theres articles all over about 4th skill trees. I just was reading forbes again and saw their bl3 section article.

Thatd be weird to get a 4th skill tree n stuff in the main trees Do not work right now.

I think the 4th skill trees gona be way down the line after character reviews as a whole.

I know. Figured that out early on when they said they had no plans to add any new vault hunters because they claimed people didn’t use them. The point… doesn’t matter if it requires a detailed explanation. So I’ll just agree it ain’t likely to happen.

A quick Google search showed these. They were from earlier last year but can’t say I’ve seen anything else from an official source saying anything different

4th skill tree might be hard to do but how about adding additional skill choices to existing trees??

Ahem…after…cough…cough…fixing Mayhem 2.0

But ONLY after they have added just a TON more endgame content like MORE RAIDS!

Have I told you how this game needs MORE RAIDS! ???

If I haven’t told you how this game needs MORE RAIDS!

Let me tell you how this game needs MORE RAIDS!

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Let’s get the original 3 skill trees balanced first before we even think about adding a new one. I can’t even imagine the balancing nightmare that a fourth skill tree worth of variables would cause.

By “expanding” the ones we have I guess it means tweaking them and giving new gear and anointments on a schedule due to the new update model they have. Having a new character would compound the stuff they’d need to do. With how many issues each vh had/have, i can see why. i doubt it but if theyd add new skill trees it wouldnt be for a long time. theyd have to re-allocate coms and thatd take so much time/resources.

I prefer having dlc characters but it makes sense?

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There is no character progression right now though. Even with tons of new awesome guns which is great and then need to keep doing that it doesn’t help with player progression and progressing your characters. They need to either change their mind and add new vault hunters or add new skills for each vault hunter. You honestly could give a new pet for flak, more guns for the robot, another gadget for Zane, and a new phase grasp power or other siren power for amara. They send they were going to expand the skill trees for each character a long time ago so when are they actually going to do it. Are they just going to wait forever on it. They should give their players and fans what they want.

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I’d much prefer new characters than another skill tree. If recent history is any guide, they’ll make any new skill trees much more powerful than the old ones, in order to justify their time-investment and encourage players to try them. This will render half the other skills obsolete and effectively shoehorn everyone into similar playstyles.

On the other hand if they aren’t overpowered, then they run the risk of being underwhelming, to the point that it’ll just feel like we’re slightly augmenting pre-existing characters.

I get that making new characters is much, much more expensive than just adding class mods or new skills. But I sure hope they do it anyway, as nothing else will come close to adding freshness and longevity to the game IMO.

That’s not a fourth skill tree seriously.