Adding a Hud for Miko's Alt fire (Target heal?)

I would like to see a HUD (maybe on the back of the hand that does the healing?) that shows the health of the Hero you are currently healing. I was healing a Montana and realized that he is too tall for me to see his health if I am following him into battle. It would be nice to know when he is full so I can go attend to other teammates.

Hello there,

For me the worst thing is you cant see full hp allies and only low hp allies, so you need to be very reactive and it’s sometime a bit frustrating to heal someone urgently, i played a lot with premade and i had enough information to know where i had to go and which mate i had to save, but this is still annoying when you play with a random mate and you have to be more focus on allies and less on neutral objectives.

I would love an option to always see allies’s hp bar so support could activate it and other could also deactivate it to not flood their screen.

Sorry for my english skill.
Porix :slight_smile: