Adding capture function to a normal ship?

Hi you guys,

I’m trying to give a normal ship the ability to capture, but it’s not working.

I’ve added this to the ship file:

AddShipMultiplier(NewSubSystemType, "Capture", "EnemyShipsWithinRadius", "Linear", 1.01, 1.01, 1000)

which works as far as allowing the capture command icon and the ship tries to capture

and this to the events file:

--try to put in capture stuff
        event13 =
            { "anim", "Boarding" },
            { "animtime", "-1" },
            --{ "marker", "markerb1" },

		{ "marker", "marker5", }, 

            { "fx", "boarding_beam_combo" },
            { "fx_scale", "1" },

But the ship just pushes the other ship around instead of trying to capture it. Anybody have any ideas? I was thinking that maybe there a node missing in the model or something like that.


You need some sort of latch orientation. My marine frigate has this:



Ah okay, cool thanks.

I keep putting off messing around with the models. I think I’m chicken. haha