Adding Decals like blood etc.? *SOLVED*

Hey guys, was finally learning a bit of something in the Unreal editor in messing around with it, but i got another problem… how do i add decals to a map? like blood or explosion scorch, i actually added few more corpses and modified RTH30’s Cole’s charge chapter, Those bodies aren’t just enough for me… they require some few more bloods, too. can someone tell me how to do that? thanks in advance, i really cant find a tutorial for this.

You can probably figure out this sort of thing by checking out some old UE2 or UT2004 tutorials. It’s the same engine as RtH30 and EiB. You’re probably looking for some kind of projected texture/decal/brush thingy. Sorry, I don’t know much about mapping :smile:

Ah, Thanks for the tip rendroc… after a while of searching i found out it was actually “PROJECTORS” which i never thought was actually this one, since it looks like as if was a camera trigger or something.

So yeah, im finished adding some few decals on the modified map… Problem fixed, :slight_smile: