Adding event to existing Ship

This is a topic I do not know much about. I have a “Meg_MissleFrigate” that I am using as a prop in a campaign map. I have added some Volumes around it and used the FX function to make some explosions when it is destroyed. However, it looks weak compared to a mother-ship explosion with events.

Is there an “easy, as in LUA” way to add events to this model… or does it require 3d work? If someone has a tutorial on this I would appreciate it.

I noticed even in the official campaign when they use FX, they do not always have sound with the effects. :frowning:

Ship’s FX should be added via .events file.

To expand on that, each event has a “marker” - a point defined in the HOD file at which the event animation spawns. If you copy an animation from one ship to another, you can run into problems if the markers are different. To avoid this, you can set the marker to “root” to make the animation spawn at the centre of the ship.


This is what i needed, thanks. I did not want to change the HOD.