Adding speechlogic for evasive/offensive/neutral?

@bitvenom @dwarfinator In soundscripts > speechlogic > commands.lua I find this:

function CommandTacticsChanged(shipname, newSetting)

Is there an equivalent function to allow me to associate the new offensive/evasive/neutral stances with appropriate dialogue?

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Even if I feel really honored to be called along the great guru, I don’t know if I’m the right person to ask ^^

I took a look anyway.
It wouldn’t be too hard to create a similar function in commands.lua for the stances, but the problem is that chatter.lua, which is the file calling it, seems to send hardcoded values to the function, depending of the selected ship and tactic change. And I didn’t see anything for stances in it (I took a quick look, so I could have miss something)

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We may have to hook this up on our end - I’ll look and let you know next week. If so, we should be able to roll that in to the patch_preview without much fuss…