Adding XP Past Level 72

This is my first post… Forgive the length.

Before launching into my diatribe let me say that after reading multiple messages on multiple forums like Steam, Reddit, Gearbox, and a few others I find it absolutely amazing that a solution either in the affirmative, or negative, has not been adequately communicated. Probably my fault and I just can’t find it.

So, let’s jump in.

1st, I am playing Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation 4.

2nd, I am playing Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation 4

I’m not on PC, so unless there’s something I don’t know, manipulating the code to accomplish my objective is not an option.

Before ever opening the game for the very first time. In April of 2020 I purchased the Handsome Jack collection from the PlayStation store which contained Borderlands 2 and all the DLC. Except for Commander Lilith and the Fight for sanctuary.

3rd - I have run through the game three times. Using the very same character that I I initially created. Session 1, I ran through the game on the “normal” mode which I completed to level 36. I played ZERO, nill, nada, NO… DLC the first time thru.

The second session I reset the character to the True Vault Hunter mode, which I completed to level 54. During this run through I DID play some of the DLC. I opened the Oasis which took me to Wurmwater where I picked up the Sandhawk. I also played Dragonskeep.

The third session I reset to the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, and reached level 72 with my original character. Similar to my second run through I went to Wurmwater to get the sandhawk BEFORE completing the primary mission, killing jack and the Warrior.

The point?

The point is that I DID access the DLC in both the second and third sessions, although I did not complete every mission.

On a side note. After reaching level 54 on the true Vault Hunter mode, I noticed that all of the missions were capped at level 50. My son told me that I needed to reset the game to Ultimate Vault Hunter mode to move past level 50 on the missions. Which is true. However, before I did that I went to Digistruct Peak, ran the gauntlet, made it to the end thinking that I would get some Overpower (OP), but…at the end the information window said to return at level 72 to reach the OP levels. So… once I completed the ultimate Vault Hunter to level 72 I went back to digistruct peak, made it through the gauntlet, only this time, the message board at the end changed. It now said to return after I reached level 80. This is pertinent because I can’t level up past 72. It is also pertinent because it’s the only time in the game where there is an indication that the character CAN level up past 72, but it does not say how.

I have played through almost all of the other DLC locations available to me in the Handsome Jack collection, with just a few minor exceptions.

Again, the point is I both HAVE, and have ACCESSED all the DLC available to me in the Handsome Jack collection.

If there is a way, can someone please explain it to me in the way you would explain it to a 3rd grader and not use words like “gibbing,” or some BS like that, or ask if I have accessed the DLC? I am not a gamer. Point in fact I’m an old man and I like this game but I’m frustrated when I see u tubes with other people leveling up and I can’t. I can point you to 10 strings on the various information websites that say all of the things I have indicated above. But none of them work.

In the end, the answer may be, NO… you cannot level up/add xp past 72, which I’m okay with. But if that’s the answer, then let’s have it.

To be absolutely clear, and if you’re willing to read a little bit farther, I have played and at least accessed every mission available to me. The only thing that I do NOT have access to is “Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary,” because it was NOT included in the Handsome Jack collection. If it turns out that the simple answer is that you need this add-on in order to increase your level from 72 to 80, why not communicate exactly that, like that, using those words, in all the posts? Everyone seems to say things like… you need the DLC in order to add more XP (vague), you need to open the DLC to add more XP (also vague), I don’t think I have read a single post that specifically identifies this mission, or this add-on, “The Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary,” as the only add-on that will allow you to raise your XP above 72. Maybe this is a function of my searching ability on Google, or what Google ends up rendering, but I have not read a single post that says that the Fight for Sanctuary is the only DLC that will allow you to level up past 72.

The posts also use words like “gibbing,” which as far as I can tell is not relevant to the PS4.

I have also reset my character AT level 72 and started it over. I went to the first mission and did not score a single XP point. I also opened the fast travel port and traveled to Oasis, then Dragons Keep just to see if the XP would go up, but it did not. So resetting the character at level 72 and playing briefly on both the standard mission, and the DLC did not result and adding a single point of xp.

Forgive my rudeness. I’m just frustrated.

Please help if you know the answer.

WHAT DO I SPECIFICALLY NEED TO DO TO LEVEL UP PAST 72? If there is a sequence, then what is it? If the sequence is open and complete all of the standard missions first BEFORE you open the DLC, fine. Obviously the answer is not “open the DLC.” If it is a recipe then, give me the procedures. If the answer is you can only level up past 72 through the fight for sanctuary, then so be it.


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The only way to level up to 80 is to download the Lilith dlc. You can’t level up past 72 if you don’t have the dlc. I don’t think Lilith dlc was included in the Handsome Collection.


As flameofthephoenix said, you will need to purchase the 5th DLC that was released last summer as a promo for BL3. It was free for a period of time at release, but that period also ended last summer so you will need to buy it. I think it was around $15? It does include some really cool weapons eg a shock version of the Hornet.

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Once purchased and downloaded and installed you can get to level 80 as well as gain access to OP Levels.

This DLC broke the OP levels, you need to buy it to level to 80 and do OP levels.

Too bad you missed it since it were free went it releases.

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Oh wow. I didn’t know they removed OP from the game if you didn’t get the Lilith DLC.


I’m starting to get those 2019 feelings again. Those bad feelings.

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Yup you can’t access OP LEVELS until you reach level 80.

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Wait, they still haven’t fixed this? What the hell GBX. I picked up the Handsome collection recently on Epic because it was free (I’ve already paid for 3 console copies of this game). And the Lilith DLC isn’t even available. So I’ve been slowly working my way up, and now I won’t even be able to access OP levels at all? Not good, not good at all.

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Thank you all. Those were very clear and concise responses. It’s actually pretty cheap to get that single DLC, $15. But screw gearbox. It’s such bull. As a condition of the Handsome Jack collection what they should have done if they are going to cap XP at 72 is allow the user to overpower up at digistruct Peak starting at 72. And then if you happen to add the Lilith DLC later, then maybe include more OP… Once you got your XP to level 80.

Anyway, at least I know now. Thank you so much