Addition of Ranked Play would be nice

I would like to see the addition of Ranked play in the PvP menu. I think when you hit Command Rank 40 or something it opens up and the people who want a challenge and play with liked minded players could do that. I think by Command Rank 40 you would have a good idea of the mechanics of the game and most people who have played that long are in it for the long run.

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There most likely will be a ranked playlist eventually in the release of the game. Will not be there on release but eventually will come if requested enough.

I would love to see this but i feel in order for me to take it seriously like i have other MOBAs, the FoV needs a slider and less particles blinding me as melee character.

The game is not a MOBA. The FOV just makes it that listening to call-outs, looking at mini-map and general map awareness is that much more important.

Arena Fighter right?


I think the game has taken a lot from different genres and made it there own thing. It’s an FPS,MOBA, HERO ARENA FIGHTER…what it is, is Battleborn a badass game!