Additional Bank Slots

Weird question here.

I bought during the steam sale and quickly ran through buying up all the bank space I could at 4.1… credits? Money units? In game stuff.

Blue coin, I’ll just say blue coin.

Anyway, at the end of that period, I didn’t have issues for awhile. Then I started to again. I knew you could pay real money for some, and went into the marketplace to see if I could figure out how much it would cost, but found a tab that sold me an additional tab for 7.1k blue coin.

I can no longer find that tab anymore.

Did they remove this feature or am I just missing it somewhere?

Im not quite sure what your talking about but there is a limit on how many bank slots you can buy. I would advise aginst spending real money on opening bank slots becouse that wont change the max number you can have (i think its 299).
Even then the max is a good number (i think) considering i throw away anything that reduces usfule stats (health, damage reduction, attack damege, attack speed, skill damage in some cases).

I think it may be closer to 289. If so, I’m at it.

I didn’t spend money to get there, but it may just be that I’m at max. I was hoping for more, since I usually play PvE.

It’s really annoying to have to hop back and play “do I need this” for 10 minutes after a solid run of just doing instances.

I’d love to have more so I wouldn’t have to do it as often.

Thats probubly right, i know its not above 300 and the slots incease 30 at a time. I usually manage my bank while waiting for a game to que up.
I could be wrong on this but i dont think any gear gets lost when the bank is full, at least ive never had somthing disappear on me due to bank storage. Just delete somthing and an item you prevesly aquired should take the new free space.
That said, you might want to just get rid of anything that takes away points to a stat all chericters use (like health). Simelerly dont really stock up on stuff that only helps a hand full of guys (reload speed). Ive also never used a helmet, i find them too situational.

Mines at 279, and no option to buy more (XB1). I could buy more loadout slots (currently 10/15) but that’s it.

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Unless it has been changed, I believe any gear you get during the results screen will go straight to the bank. Once your bank is full, and you collect more from a result screen, it basically just overflows your bank (giving you 300/279 slots used for example). You can sort by Newest to see all of the new items, then decide what to sell, but nothing will be auto sold. I also believe that if you don’t have sufficient space, the game will not let you open packs.

So one correct me if I am wrong here.