Additional Buildable Bots

Just as an idea, what would the opinion be on more bots for purchase? Maybe have some options in what to buy. I know they took out the shielding bots, but they could add those back in as something you can buy. Secondly, what about a bot that costs like 1500 shards or something. I just think it would be awesome to save up and purchase a crazy good bot. Although their are options for buildables already, I believe more options would be great for the game.

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I think this would be cool. To buy something like a Ronins would be insane. Quick question; If a turret or minion you buy gets a kill, do you get the kill?

I hadn’t really got that far yet. I think you should get a percentage of do for any time your bot/towers get a kill. You already get rewarded from buying it with xp, so it would not have to be a full xp collection from the kills.

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Yea you get the kills and if you are on pvp you will also get assists if they damage someone and someone else kills them

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The idea of more bots for purchase would provide additional strategy to use. Maybe save up a ton of shards to buy something truely damaging.

Agreed I would like to see more bots in both pve & pvp

In pvp that would increase the snowball effect, unfortunately. Unless you can only have one at a time, the team with map control can use wave clearing thralls (assuming incursion), a super minion in front to tank, and ronin’s that focus enemy bb as an offensive support…
Honestly just makes me think Star Craft 2’s Deathball build. It just creates a giant ball of F you rolling at the enemy.
And while that phrase makes me very happy, the actuality of it would be… Unfortunate.

However, I do like the role of a builder. And it works. I do that with my Reyna, just like with OM I do a similar build and clear build. With Quartermaster’s thingy, you can even be a greedy jerk and still help your team.

Doing an interface similar to the PvE interface (for buidable), with the current platform used to buy the elite bot proposing you a choice between 3 types of bots, and then having a global cooldown on that would be cool.