Additional character lore at lvl 20

So as you know the winter update will allow us to level all characters up to lvl 20 and apparently this is going to take quite some time. Now I know I’m already thinking ahead of the update but I personally would love to see some sort of additional lore for all characters once we reach lvl 20 with them. I love the background stories of every single Battleborn and it would be awesome to know more about them. That’s just an idea that popped up rather than a suggestion but I just wanted to have everyone’s thoughts of that. I know there are some lore freaks around here. :wink:


I’d be all over this, but even if they don’t, i make this oath:

By Grabthar’s hammer; by the suns of Worvan; I shall be the first to hit MR20 with Toby!


I have a vague memory of @Jythri saying that he would like to find a way to get more lore in-game. They’ve done some major UI work with the Winter Update, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if the capacity is there.

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Best solution imo? Make this lore a very slight “where are they now” kinda schtick. Like Kelvin finding a new friend in Attikus, or Deande being really stressed out from running the remaining universe and a meeting from a (certain) merc helps calm her


Oh sounds good, I must’ve missed him saying that. :slight_smile:

@epicender584 that’s a pretty good idea. Considering the Heart Of Ekkunar DLC will supposedly bring more stories from the past, it would be cool to have a mixture between past and present incidents.

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