Additional Collector's Editions?

Any chance we are going to see more Collector’s Editions for sale? I’d love to pick one up as I just barely missed out on getting one.

Yes please!
I want one too.

I believe the company line is ‘when they’re gone they’re gone’… ? I decided to check eBay and was shocked at how high they’re going - wow. I think it’s really, really irresponsible to suggest that a ‘collector’s edition’ never gets another run - because jeez in another decade you never know what sorts of decisions will be made. But for the foreseeable future, grab 'em while you can, simple as that.

As a followup, I snagged one off of the Amazon UK site not too long after my original post. So, provided Amazon didn’t screw up, I should be getting one. Whether or not there are still any more there remains to be seen.

I just seriously hope Amazon isn’t lying about my pre-order. lol

Yeah, would love to see more collector’s editions in circulation for my friends that missed on the small window of availability. At least I got mine pre-ordered early on. Or at least sell some of the collector’s edition physical items a la carte through your merchandise store. :wink: