Additional Multiplayer Mode/Option -- Mob Capture!


Been really excited about the multiplayer for Homeworld when hearing about the races, though was a tiny bit disappointed to hear that races like the Kadeshi or Turranic Raiders would not be playable.

It does make sense to keep the balance between the four original multiplayer races in brawl mode, but I also believe that could be retained while still allowing the other races to be played as through “mob capture.” That is, have a mode or toggle-option that still keeps the 4-race options but add small hostile AI squads of all of the various races onto the map to give equal opportunity to capture them through salvaging the individual ships or destroying the command ship and assuming command of them. This would give the chance to play with the awesome Kadeshi, Turranic, and maybe (or maybe not) Bentusi ships.

I wouldn’t be against having mobs consisting of the playable races as well, could be a nice toggle-option for standard Homeworld and Homeworld 2 multiplayer modes.

I would personally prefer the toggle-option for mobs if it worked, but if it split up the available players too much perhaps it could be either a seperate brawl-type game mode or still spawn a non-mob game if a match couldn’t be found quickly enough for players even with the option toggled on.

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At least with HW1 maps that was possible. You could make a map that included other than Kushan or Taiidan ships (e.g., multi-beam frigates). It’s been a looong time, but I’d imagine you could capture those with salvage corvettes.

Yeah, I mean, I could see being able to actually produce the ships possibly being hard to balance while still retaining the feel of the ships, plus new ships would need to be added for resource collecting and such, but having them available for capture as small squads on areas of the map might be cool, even if it was something like a few Swarmers, a Fuel Cell, and an MBF. Or a few Turranic Missile Corvettes and a couple of Ion Array Frigates. Or a small group of Progenitor fighters.

Could do it with playable races as well.

Could also be used by mappers to influence which areas of the map and of resources are available at which stages of the game. Perhaps you could have something like a rich resource area that you need to kill a Bentusi Trade Ship in order to mine from lest it kill your collectors.


In HW2 this was not possible because neutral ships were always inert and could not be captured. In HW1 this worked fine however.

I know Homeworld 2 FX mod is planning to bring Turanic Raiders, Kadeshi, Bentusi and Progenitor races to the multiplayer eventually on Remastered.