Additional queue for 5-man teams

We realy need an additional queue for 5 man premade teams so the pug-stomping stops… and it´s needed ASAP, since it´s already damaging the playbase.
5-man teams should only play against other 5-man teams and not versus a team of randoms, but 2-3 man teams should still be able to queue for random queue.


I disagree. There isn’t really a good way to determine if someone is in a 5 person team unless they all have a tag or the same theme names or whatever. When a team plays good it doesn’t always mean that team is playing in the same party with each other. Even through pub stomps you can learn valuable information.

Putting pre-made teams into another separate matchmaking would only make matchmaking worse. Sure you solved the problem of pre-made teams but now you just limited your matchmaking more. Off to the forums we go to fix this now. It’s a never ending cycle of cause and effect. I would rather be pub stomped with a team I can’t manage to do much with than sit in a matchmaking screen waiting for a game.

That’s just my opinion though, so don’t take it too seriously.

You can see premades by the yellow bar at the right side of the matchmaking list!!!

Seperate queue is the only thing that can save the playerbase from decreasing, because no one likes to get stomped by premades match after match!

That´s why every single other moba did it, after they realized that putting both in the same queue damages the game more than everything else.

Just take a look at every moba out there.

what it should be is a +1/-1 to the group size on the other team… meaning the most a 3 man team lets say will be a 4 man or 3 man premade… so 5 man teams would face 4 man and 5man teams…

I agree, but don’t forget that this would mean that 4-man would be 4+1 vs anything.

and are you going by “max” size?
For example, a 2-man/3-man split can go up against a 4-man/solo?

There is a yellow/orange bar on the right of the team to see premade groups of players.
So YES there is a perfect way to determine if they’re premade or not.

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I saw the yellow bar but I never knew what it was. Either way I don’t agree with a separate matchmaking.

Separate queue or not full pre made teams need to have a much higher weighting on being matched with other full teams. This is what kills games fast. When the average Joe’s that make up the vast majority of the player base get stomped on so badly repeatedly that they leave the game. I would say a full team would have to wait at least 5 minutes in matchmaking before they become eligible to be matched against lesser random teams.

Probably won’t happen without a large number of 5-man groups queueing at the same time. Currently they would be in queue too long.

They should do like other moba’s system, When you have a 5 men team, find another 5 men team or a 3+2 group or even a 4+1.

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