Additional Secrets/Details in the Reveal Trailer

I went through the big finish section of the reveal trailer at one fourth speed and found some more things that I haven’t heard anyone mentioning so here it is…

You can see what the new ammo and health vending machines look like at 3:01 and 3:03

At 3:03 outside the Maliwan building to the right you can see the respawn point looks the same as the Borderlands 2 ones, for the most part

At 3:02 you can see the new siren playable character using a phase lock ability with her large siren fist underneath it

At 3:05 you can see 4 green rarity pistols in a chest which show the new loot rarity beam and a couple frames later you can see that the player is sliding while shooting, confirming that as a new movement mechanic

At 3:06 you can see a explosive barrel with the new damage type’s (radiation) symbol on it (to the right of the chest)

Also throughout the trailer you can see different guns shooting purple projectiles despite Randy Pitchford confirming there is no slag, my guess is that they changed the color of the shock element to purple (it does look more like lightning now) so it wouldn’t be confused with cryo damage

Edit 1 Another less important detail is at 3:04 you can see that one of the playable characters is wearing a watch that looks as if it displays the correct in-game time

Edit 2 There is also a decent amount of wrist mounted guns in the trailer which makes it look like its not unique to one brand and is rather a new feature

Edit 3 It looks as if explosive type snipers are in Borderlands 3 as well, you can see multiple different oddly shaped sniper rifle barrels that fire large slow moving projectiles (this one is just a theory)

I must watch a lot more youtube videos, most of those things have been noted by one person or another. One thing to note about the wrist mounted weapons is that they seem to be specific to Atlas. I believe there was some verbiage out there wheres that feature is mentioned specifically.

Vladof has modular weapons that allow mounting various extra barrels, and elemental types may not be limited to certain weapon types & brands anymore.


Also, the bottom right weapon type looks like a proper chain gun that would be hip mounted. A few brands seem to have these. In the case of these secondary barrels shown it looks like the first is a silencer, the second a grenade launcher, the third a rocket launcher, and the forth an alien type in line with the bio-mechanical style for Children of the Vault.

Speaking of Children of the Vault, they seem to be a blend of Eridian and Etech. The purple projectile color may correspond with alien energy weapons that don’t slag, like no elemental E-Tech in BL2.


The new gun designs make it harder to tell what some of the types are, especially Hyperion and Torgue. Upper right gun, Machine Gun or Assault rifle? And are they still explosive only???

Sounds like they will be using the sticky grenade mechanic as one of their firing modes though.

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