Additional Skill Points

So I’m new to Borderlands and have reached level 50 on Moze. Having fun trying different builds, but was wondering if the level cap will ever go up? Will we get more skill points to use at some point? Just curious

It has been hinted at a few times. The expectation is that the level cap will probably be increased around the same time as the first or second paid DLC drops. So it’ll be a while still.

More like next year, at least 6 months from launch.


I seem to remember it being on The Borderlands show.

Given the previous titles, I would say it’s pretty much guaranteed that the level cap will increase.

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With these skill trees being similar in make up to that of BL2 and TPS, it would be assumed we would get 67 skill points. That would put us at the meme level of 69 same as BL1. But tbh idk. There are a lot of skills in this game that are max 3 levels instead of 5. Idk how diverse builds would be with that many points.

I’d guess we’ll get enough for two capstone skills. I think that’s how 2 and TPS did it.

Borderlands 2 was 2 capstones +15 extra points. You could reach all 3 capstones in TPS

Ah man that sounds awesome. I hope we can get two capstone skills. I’d love to do a Demolition woman/ Bottomless mags build with some of the shield fortification skills of SoR

I wouldn’t expect a level increase for at least a year - there’s no reason for them to.

In the meantime, they have plenty of room to expand progression and create new build synergies without levels.

  • New class mods
  • New artifacts and artifact abilities
  • New annointments and annointment mechanics (i.e., Terror)
  • New Legendaries
  • Pearlescents

And that doesn’t include them adding weapons with multiple annointments, or class specific weapons that enhance certain skill trees - honestly, the sky’s the limit with the systems they built. I’m excited for the future, and think they can make the game extremely robust without ever raising the level cap.

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To use 2 capstones you need 4 more points, so yeah you’ll be able to do that.
In TPS, you could use 3 capstones, but sacrificing a lot of skills. In BL3 you would need more points to do the same.

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