Additions and Changes, That might benefit the game. -Long read-

So I’ve put in over 170 hours currently and I wanted to share a few things that I feel need to be added or changed in the game. I main support, Ambra specifically and Kleese second, both mastered so I have extensive playtime with both ~20 hours each.

  1. Add a party hud on the left so you can see everyones shield/health values. As a support it gets crazy when there is a 5/5 battle+ minions and you are trying to keep an eye on everyone. Would just help a lot.

  2. Add Buff/Debuff timers. I would really like to know how long my buffs are going to last and how long the poison/slow/fire is going to affect me.

Make both of those just a toggle in the menu, you don’t have to have them but make them an option. More info = better.

  1. Tooltips should display updated info when you buy a piece of gear ingame, I would really like to know how much my heals are going for at full spec.

  2. Tooltips on abilities should display all their info numerically. IE, Deande can use a helix to add a slow when she comes out of stealth, but it does not say how much of a slow percentage it is. A lot of characters have these types of tooltip issues.

  3. Mikos heal beam should always target friendly players before NPCs. If there is 4 NPCs with low health and 1 friendly player, and you try to heal in the middle of the battle then theres a good change Mikos beam will lock onto whoever is closest. It should be changed to prioritize players.

  4. Deande’s ult needs to activate sooner or have a double activation, press once to aim, press again to use, its really annoying sitting there for ~2 seconds waiting for it to go off, gives players to much time to move behind something or stun you.

Those are just a few things off the top of my head that I think the game would greatly benefit from. Now I would like to go over some character balance issues.

He is simply to big. I got all the numbers for all 4 supports on their level 1 no gear

(Characer - Shield - Health)
Kleese - 465 - 773
Ambra - 300 - 920
Reyna - 300 - 1010
Miko - 0 - 1220

If you add the numbers together they all have around about the same values. However in game Kleese is much to big (size wise) he is way to easy to target and see and snipe at to be as effective as the other support, plus he gets stuck on everything and can easily accidently block your team or them block you. To fix this I propose 1 of 3 options (input welcome if you have a better idea)

  1. Graphical re-design to make him smaller
  2. Give him more shield/health than the other support options
  3. Have him take reduced damage by x% if he is shot in the chair and not in the body

I get sniped and picked off way to often as Kleese vs when I play any other support because they are so much smaller and manueverable and can hide behind objects easier. His damage and utility are fine where they are at, not to strong but not a pushover either, hes just to easy to lock onto in a battle.

She needs a change, well, more of a buff really. I never see Orendi’s doing much of anything as her dps output is to low, her basic attack is to slow (projectile speed, not attack speed) and her shadowfire pillar takes to long to activate, it should be a .5 second till activation or instant. Making it 1.5 gives to much time to move out of the way.

I do not know if Thorn needs a complete re-work on her design or just her damage buffed but she consistently is at the bottom of the charts in all of my games I have played. In 177 hours of play time I have yet to see a Thorn that impressed me, it always ends up with like 1-5 kills while the rest of the DPS has 8+. She is probably the most difficult class to play (for me at least) and I don’t feel like her damage output justifies her difficulty.

Toby benefits from being in the back with his shield and is more of an artillery character. the reason he is in this post is because I really don’t see a good fit for him anywhere in the game, I could be wrong and maybe you have played him enough to find that sweet spot, but I find he is a little clunky. Like the last piece of a puzzle but doesn’t fit the space.

Keep in mind this is just my opinion from extensive time playing, if you have other ideas lets hear em.

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You sir need to be heard. Those are excellent ideas

This I’d politely like to disagree on. If her casting time was any lower without something to compensate for it she would practically faceroll the whole thing. She deals huge (AOE) damage at the cost of having to know how to lead your target.

Also, giving the choices of her Helix, she can push enemies into SP’s, provided you got the timing down.

Also, one of her Mutators makes SPs instant, at the cost of damage.


Great ideas but I think Kleese is that big on purpose as a handicap. Even with his size he’s already one of the most powerful and versatile characters in the game.

Orendi needs no change imo, with proper mutatioms you can spam 4 SFPs at one time more or less.

Kleese is fine, once he hits lvl 4 or so for connecting rifts if he can “nest” and connect 3 hes nigh impossibru to kick in most game modes, speaking from experience. His shield recharge is op with 4 rifts. Give him a hp regen and max shields and hes golden.

Thorn is fine, all that she might need is maybe some bow changes and possibly a nerf to blight? I unno. OMs grenade is more dangerous but much smaller.


I see what everyones saying about Orendi, I personally do not play her, only tried her a handful of times. I am just speaking from the point of view of a teammate, she (like thorn) seems to be less useful in the majority of games I have played.

Atikus and kelvin needs more starting health

I think the problem lies in the fact that she’s labeled as easy.

The label may be partially true, but mastering her is everything but.

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My opinion :
orendi and toby are already very powerful.
Orendi is hard to play, therefore very often weak. It’s the player’s fault.
Toby doesn’t need any change unless on one point, his ultimate. It s*cks in every aspect. Slow to fire, low dps, make you vulnerable.

And thorn… she doesn’t need a buff at all. She’s also part of these skilled characters.
Well played she’s freaking powerful, even a bit OP in my opinion.

What really need a buff is attikus I believe.

+1 for the debuff on HUD with timers
Honestly there is ONE thing I want more than everything else : the ability to open the map in PVP.

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If we’re talking about useless characters, every Deande I’ve played with has been consistently pointless.