Addonexus for Phoebe

I’ve had Phoebe at 15 for months. All of her lore done for longer. I’ve read all the guides, run it like 25 times, and still haven’t gotten it. I’m using skill damage, Voxis Core, and a skill damage secondary. I’m using all the right helices. I’ve gathered the skulls up, jumped above, and… no lore. I saw so many 99 damages pop up. I was level 9, but with it lowered I thought it was a shoe in. What could I possibly do better? I’m really getting annoyed because ever longer session I play I try it, and it just won’t work. Help? Anyone?
And ik there’s a lot of topics about this, but none have done it for me, and character threads for balanced 'Born are mostly barren

The 3 or 4 things you need are:

  1. Unintended Innovation, Level 4 Helix.

  2. The Helix that boosts +240 Shields, like at Level 3.

  3. Any gears that boosts Shield Capacity. Use Voxis Core, maybe that Legendary from Geoff on Advanced, and maybe The Pacifier. Jack up the shields as high as possible.

  4. Conduit Helix at Level 9.

And blast the attack when your shields are at full at the right cluster of mobs.

If this doesn’t work, then I don’t know what could be wrong.


Take off Voxis core
It’s not counted as Blade Rush damage.
It’s labeled as Voxis Core damage

Everything @Rivaire said is accurate.

I had to run it a few times as well (sucks that it is right at the end of the level).

The hardest thing I found is that you REALLY need to jump and hit the centre ground area of the massed skulks with full shields to ensure your getting the max explosive effect of blade rush. If you hit the skulks in front, there won’t be enough of an explosion to get enough damage.

I took two gear items that increased my shield capacity to ensure max damage. It was a while ago though, so for the life of me can’t remember what they were. I assume it was skill damage and shield cap.

Best of luck. I know it’s frustrating.

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My method: Lorrian Skill Spike (if not then Codex Fragment or Bola’s Target Finder), secondary skill damage gear(Voxis Core, etc.), Renegade last defense spawn pads. Phase gate into a mob spawn and light them up. I used helix’s: 2r, 4l, 6r, 7l, 8r and 9c to boost the skill.

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Boombots take 10x skill damage. So just play the Experiment and when Antem goes into one of his Boombot phases it’s basically a guaranteed lore unlock. I grabbed…

  • Unintended Innovation
  • Core Overload
  • Close-Quarters Training
  • And a purple skill gear

And by level 9 you literally only need to kill 2 Boombots in close quarters and you’ll do over 1800 damage.


Just watch this video

Its not hard at all just…annoying lol Finally had the motivation to do it the other day.

Do swarmers count? You can spawn like 20+ of them simultaneously in the ice cave after Geoff.

Ah thanks

This is very interesting

hold on. just hold on a minute. I am really surprised here.

if we are indeed talking about the pheebs blade rush challenge I thought someone would have mentioned this.

you don’t even need a skill mod.

Play the saboteur and crit the giant varelsi skulk with your blade rush. I got mine first try because they have such high crit modifiers.

but if we are not talking about that challenge…

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We are indeed talking about it. Are you referring to the Maligner at the end of the second wave?

They count, but you need damage rather not than pure numbers. They can’t sustain multiple hits so not enough damage

I think he means the Menagerie… the shambling Skulk that’s growing like 12 other Skulks off it.

Because the Menagerie is subject to the same auto-one-hit-quit for a headshot as Skulks, and it’s constituted of like a half dozen Skulks, it would do a ton of damage if you critted with Blade Rush.

I got mine relatively simply; I had the gear and helixes all set up (didn’t use Voxis Core) and stood at the top of the gateway leading into the final defense on Renegade. I did it on the left spawn pad, IIRC, where the smaller Primal Thralls spawn. Targeted center into the lot of them from elevation as they spawned, fired, and blew 'em all up.

Very interesting. And is it just me, or is the Menagerie kinda messed up and creepy? IMO it’s based off of that thing at the end of presequel, right before the boss. That was when I decided I loved Aurelia, when I jumped on top of the boss, froze him, and just bounced on top of his head and landed super crits with a cryo smg

So, in the end, did you get the lore?

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AP work has made playing, how you say, nearly impossible. Hopefully the next day brings better luck.

oh and of corse[quote=“CharacterIV, post:14, topic:1546348”]
I think he means the Menagerie…

that one!

all of those types of enemies kinda look like varelsi… illuminate con-

we now return you to your regularly scheduled non-conspirasy theory involving forum post about whatever the hell you guys are talking about. :sunglasses:

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The Experiment.
Boom bots.
As someone has already pointed out, Boombots take criticism skill damage, always.
I got mine done at the second defense point, before I even unlocked any modifiers for the skill.
Also, I personally find it easier if you don’t take exploding blades.
Then you pierce multiple enemies, and if lined up right, can critical multiple enemies.

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did you go to the second board (can’t remember the name) and get ported to the other dimension where all the verelsi are? It’s the black room and there are like 30 of them? I found a tutorial on Youtube and did it in first try. I didn’t even have great gear. Just a blue shield I think and 1 skill damage item.

It’s pretty simple. You just round them all up into a circle group and kind of jump into them and blast.