Address Deande's movement speed

Okay so one thing that bothers me most about her is how she supposed to be some assassin but her movement speed going forward is slower than most people movement speed walking back.

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This is why we have several items. Buy shoes or sprint speed item. You have to use items which you need for your character, not always just damage items.

She shouldn’t have to she’s an assassin, she should be quick on her feet. Why can’t her movement speed be just as good as a Rath or Gali? Or any other Melee character for that matter?

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Because she can go invisible and not even have to chase. Deande doesn’t even need movement speed. She either locks them down with uppercut or she burst dash spikes the opponent real quick. Plus she has that crazy evasive dashing offhand melee. Shes already pretty much the hardest character to kill. If she had Rath move speed with the invisiblility AND the drop kick, she would be damn near impossible to kill.

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I’d prefer if she had faster base movement speed and was balanced to compensate, assassins should feel fast without needing gear.

To me, it’s more about the feel than anything, if speed would make her OP, I’d prefer she get nerfed in other ways to balance it out, but that’s just me. Particularly because out of all the assassins, she looks like she should be the fastest and most agile (how she’s portrayed in the animations)


Her burst dash…cant tell you how much that needs to be reworked.

My friend and I, both of whom have played as Deande, have gone over this and over this, and pretty much beaten this dead horse to the point where it’s nearly guaranteed to be brought up any time one of us chooses her. She is slow. And I mean, it literally is to the point where sprinting, she can’t keep up with other characters moving normally. I agree completely with the OP; she is an assassin. Fast and sneaky are bloody near job requirements in her field. The boost doesn’t have to be much, maybe just 5% or so. Maybe 10%? Is that too much? I don’t know, but yes, she needs to be faster, I will agree.

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I feel as though she sprints pretty fast. Her movement speed is similar to other characters. I love playing her. I also doubt she moves slower than Galilea, as Gali moves slower than others. Deande has 2 helix upgrades that will increase her movement speed while cloaked or killing an enemy. She doesn’t need any speed buff in my opinion. She’s already quick, small, deals loads of damage, has a long range, has a cloak, and a “twin”. She’s awesome.

The problem with those helix options is that its only for 3 seconds. It should be 6. Her movement speed is slower than most characters back walk speed and THAT is not okay.

Pretty sure it’s 5 seconds but I will need to check.

I doubt her movement speed is slower than anyone’s back walk. That would be ridiculous and I would’ve noticed. I play her a lot. I’ll check tomorrow if I can to compare.

From what I have found while playing her, her movement speed seems roughly the same as other characters (which can leave you frustratingly just out of hitting distance when in pursuit), but I think she is fine where she is. Using stealth is the way to go and then if you use the knock-up melee combo mutation which is dirty as hell, it doesn’t matter how fast they go because you can just juggle them. Luckily it still requires some amount of skill to lock them down with this unless you back them into a wall or corner.

I usually equip a sprint speed item to help in escapes and some pursuits, and that works fine for me.

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I go attack speed, I feel like she should have a 20% attack speed helix since she relies so much on it. Also, another thing that needs to be addressed is her hit box. You have to agree that is a little wonky and just a little linear considering she is swing her fans side to side.

You know what I thought… The reason why it feels wonky.

When playing Deande she is swinging the fans linear, side by side… But if you ever watch another Deande play… Her attack animation kinda looks like she is swinging it linear then vertically with a jump which you don’t experience at all when playing as her.