addTheme limitation in HW


When i try to pass over the 32 iThemeNumber in the subtitle.lua for addTheme, the game crash at launch.

So, why we have limitation of 32 theme ? In SSC mod we need to override this limitation, but, it’s define in the subtitle.h,
( You can find this .h here : , this file is not for HWR, but for classic version ) .

So any way to override this limitation ? Or the only chance to used lot of Theme is to replace actual tga for new one, but we have probably more of 32 Actor :frowning: [In the future probably yes, because we need to have different actor for Campaign, related of the date of episode in the series …]

Thanks in advance… @BitVenom

Oh yeah, if it’s not possible, it’s really necessary to let people to add more of them, because, if we made a mod with lot of race, and with lot of actor, we have serious problem. ^^

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The file you mention is for HW1, so chances are that this information is not at all valid for HW2, let alone HWR if they’ve made modification on this part of the code

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I try to find another way …

But, the only solution is :

GBX need to change this value in their subtitle.h,

#define SUB_NumberThemes            32

Change 32 for the maximum value possible. [probably 255, but need to test if the game can accept more …]