Adjusted the balance of Freddie

Adjusted the balance of Freddie , by making him lvl 2?



He seems just as easy, if not easier.

“Adjusted the balance of Freddie for more challenge”

Scaled from lvl 50 to lvl 2.

Was someone in your party also low level? I’ve seen some odd stuff reported where the scaling calculations go wonky when you have a very wide range of level characters in your game (depending on coopetition or cooperation).

have done around 10 runs in the last hour.
alone at level 50.
most runs freddy died so fast - but …
last run i have to fight three times longer than normal zu take him down.
fixed or his level jumps random up and down.

I think they scaled his shields/hp up. They use the word challenging but it should have been slightly more time consuming instead. Challenging would have made him run the willies around the map, not duck behind the same bushes while eating more lead.

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it’s always lvl 2 in my game, SNTNL can kill him alone…

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Level 2 for me too. How do they mess these things up lmao.

I think he is supposed to be lv 52 that how he is in my game. Rounding problem I guess lmao

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as i said - without relog - only fasttravel totheentrance and some runs easy to kill (2?) and than hard to kill (52?).

Nope, happens in solo as well. Went for a run on Freddie after reading the post, traveled to the VIP tower on Lv. 50 M1 and sure enough, in spite all other enemies ranging from lv. 49 to 52, Freddie was just level 2 and died in 1 shot. The loot he dropped was still scaled to my level, tho.

Check which game mode you’re in (gear wheel icon beside your user name in the top-right on the game menu just before you hit ‘continue’) and see if that makes a difference? I hit him earlier today and he was definitely 52, so something is bugging out there.

Just did a couple of runs to see, and he indeed spawned as lvl 2 some of the runs for me aswell, not everytime like the OP has though. Playing solo on m4.

Lvl 52 Freddie managed to summon a second Loader spawn before I killed him so i guess he’s a little tankier…?

Seems to be somewhat random. I just did three more runs without changing anything and he was 52 every time. The only thing that might make a difference is where you spawn in (map entrance vs savepoint above the elevator).

ran him several times today solo on m4 and he was 52 every time.

I went to farm Freddie the day the event started and he was spawning at lv 2 every time. TBH it always felt like his named rocket loader was the actual boss cause him and the melee one would die in about 1/4 of the time needed to kill that one. With Freddie at lv 2 though he was dying instantly to any small amount of splash damage.

More importantly, what level loot is he dropping?

For me he was dropping lv 50 loot