Adjusting FYUL on NPC

it happen on all BL series, that why u are down,and “figh for ur live”, NPC keep moving backward or away from the down player. it is better if they are around the down player or moving toward the down player. it’s not a complainting , i don’t know how to called it, a bug or glitch or something else, but we didn’t see this to be solved or improved on any BL series, even ppl have posting such thread, or video on any media channel.

Some of them actually stand over you and gloat, while others will continue meleeing the spot where your body was as the respawn animation triggers. It all depends on the enemy type: yes, some are programmed to back-pedal, but they do that even before you’re in FFYL. The trick is to recognize the enemy types, know their tactics, and adjust your own tactics accordingly.

So yes, it’s their actual fully intentional programming and not a bug or glitch.

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My “favorite” are the anointed militants who teleport to block their friends with their immunity phase, and prevent Second Winds when the target I was about to kill is conveniently not backpedaling and close to death.


I’ve recognized this too even in the previous games but passed it off as just an enemy strategy. Their whole purpose is to kill you and stop your progression so it does seem like its programmed into the game like this. Wouldn’t think its a glitch, as you’ve stated you have seen it in the other games also so it must be how they fight you.


I choose to pretend that the behavior of the Backpedaling Bandits of Digistruct Peak is actually intentionally programmed into the game, and you’ll never convince me otherwise. This is not a coincidence.

I am 50% certain that the above statement is correct. :rofl:


It’s a feature, not a bug.

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Are we talking about NPC or enemies? I am confused :rofl:

Since enemies are technically non-playable characters, the answer is “yes”.

:sweat_smile: hmm I thought it was a term for neutral or friendly characters… oh well live and learn

Well, it is. But it is vague enough to be open to interpretation!