Adjusting melee to be viable for mayhem 2.0

With the recent news about mayhem 2.0 and what’s it’s about, I feel now would be a good time to discuss something that worries me for the upcoming mayhem 2.0 and give some feedback, especially since they offered the opportunity to provide feedback at the end of their post about mayhem 2.0. If you couldn’t tell by the title, I’m concerned on how this will affect melee builds in the long run.

It seems as though mayhem 2.0 will negatively affect melee builds the way op levels did in borderlands 2. Op levels made it so that roid shields were a melee build’s only significant damage improvement throughout the op levels as everything else they had were fixed percentages that did not change throughout level increases and op levels didn’t count as actual levels that increased base melee damage. As of right now, it looks like that is exactly what will happen to melee builds in mayhem 2.0. Except the biggest difference is that even roid shields are fixed percentages. So now melee builds have nothing to improve upon except minor melee damage percentage increases on their class mods. But that’s it.

How do we fix this? Well technically there already is somewhat of a solution in the game. But it seems to be a solution that no one likes. This solution is the face puncher. The face puncher, just like any other gun, will probably be gaining more damage throughout each mayhem level. But no one likes it because no on wants to use a melee build that revolves around a shotgun. And neither do I. The other solution you may be thinking of is just make roid shields provide actual numbers of damage instead of a fixed percent. I would rather not do that. I want to get away from the idea if melee builds having to use roid shields to do viable damage. It doesn’t make sense that you have to render yourself vulnerable and closer to death to do decent melee damage.

My solution is the addition of melee weapons. I suggest this for multiple reasons. One of them being that it has been requested for a long time, even since before borderlands 3 came out. I remember during the life cycle of the pre sequel people were suggesting melee weapons for the next borderlands game. But since Gearbox has never added them I feel like now would be a great time to do it. I feel like now would be a good time to introduce them into the game through the events they are adding. For all we know, maybe they already planned on doing this and kept melee weapons a surprise until someone found one from an event enemy. But I don’t think it’s likely.

These melee weapons would serve multiple purposes for melee builds. They would have their own stats such as damage, attack speed, recovery (time before you can attack again), and maybe even an element. It would give something for melee builds to improve upon like the other builds in the game. It would have the equivalent significance for a melee build as a gun would for a gun build. Plus, it would give something for melee players to want to improve upon throughout their playthrough before they even get to mayhem mode. It gets pretty boring getting the bladed gun with the highest melee damage bonus in the game at level 10 and then never needing to get another one. To some extent I like that because I hate farming (especially in this game), but I would like a little bit of farming to do besides the seemingly impossible to get perfect brawler ward. Melee builds are just get fully setup with weapons by level 15 and farm for a new class mod, relic, shield, and grenade occasionally. But then again that seems like a lot of work to me because farming, especially farming for the brawler ward for months, has really burnt me out on this game. But that brings me to another point that in this game you don’t need to farm for roid shields. They don’t improve with level since they are a fixed percent. That’s one more thing that you don’t need to farm past level 25ish. You basically get your best brawler ward at the lowest level you get one since it has the least capacity, allowing you to use roid more often. I only keep farming in determination to get a perfect one.

Back on track here, another purpose for melee weapons would be solely for the fun of it. Wouldn’t it be so much cooler to be running around with a giant sword, slicing bandits? The best visual I can give you on what that would look like is Krieg’s buzz axe rampage in bl2 or even claptrap’s imitation buzz axe rampage in the pre sequel. Krieg would be able to use his off hand melee weapon as an on hand melee weapon with his action skill. Now that I think about it, even Brick’s action skill represented a more fun way of meleeing than what most melee builds have. All melee builds now besides that are “Oh I can’t wait to start my melee build! I’m going to slice bandits and-oh…it’s just a tiny bayonet on a pistol.” Even being able to use our character’s off hand melee weapon would be cool since they are better looking than a blade on a gun but since that isn’t our best option, we do have to resort to the bladed gun.

To further that, I want you to think about how guns each have a unique effect to it that makes using them fun. Melee builds don’t have any of that flair to it because everything is just dull. They could have at least made the face puncher have a cool unique effect like other legendaries. Though I guess dealing melee damage is its effect, but I meant an effect that’s cool to look at and have fun with. I feel like the psycho stabber would have been a cooler melee gun since it shoots knives. It fits so perfectly.

What do you guys think about all this? I have posted this on Reddit and my post usually gets negative attention. I guess people didn’t like that I assumed an issue that doesn’t even exist yet and seemed to expect so much. But I have seen people already posting about this on this forum and getting more positive attention that it usually does on Reddit. So I’m hoping for the same result.


Since BL1 I’ve always liked the idea of melee weapons and will always support this. A lot of people were talking about it before BL3 came out and, unfortunately, we still don’t have anything. But there is always hope.


Aside from niche builds and Krieg/Zer0, melee has kind of felt like an afterthought to me and generally doesn’t work well. It does so little damage and is so clunky to use despite all conventional wisdom since you are taking a much bigger risk to be so close as well as being limited by your range.

Additionally, outside melee, they really do need to buff other things like grenades, iron bear, action skill damage, and Fl4k’s pets.

Yeah your right. Action skills are weak. I find that the only purpose of Amara’s action skills is to activate them for the anointment bonuses. Besides that, phasegrasp seems to be the only useful one to me. Its that useful that I feel like I get more out of phasegrasp than a 200% melee damage after phaseslam anointment. And fl4k’s pets do need a buff because they are near useless. It seems their only purpose is being a distraction and reviving you. But when they die it gets in the way because you have to revive them. Grenades don’t serve much of a purpose endgame either unless you create a build around them. They can give some support damage or even strip shields but that’s it. When you think about it though, nothing really works during endgame unless you have a build around it. Even melee doesn’t work unless you have a build around it. And even then, it barely works. Melee should be a last resort to do at least some damage or knock away enemies if you have to reload. So they should buff melee in the game for everyone, hopefully ultimately putting melee builds in a better position than they are now while also benefitting everyone.

i dont need my own melee characters in this game because i already have fantasy games like diablo etc. but i definitely advocate for melee weapons
there could also be hybrid weapons with a bit more than a lame bayonet.
but also stuff like troys sword, shock poles, buzz axes, chainsaw swords and what not
would be an awesome addition to the series in general

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I hear a lot of people say “Well then why don’t you just play another game if you want to melee?” It gets annoying because all I’m doing is making a suggestion as a player of this game. But yeah I know what you mean. Of course I have other games that I play to enjoy a melee playstyle. But this game is just a whole different atmosphere so I enjoy this game more than most other games. So I would love to see improvements to my favorite playstyle. Basically I just want to see this game be the best it can be. But if something like this has to be suggested for years and it still gets ignored, maybe it’s a sign I should give up and find a new game.


They advertised Amara as a brawler so her melee should be viable in any level. Right now is just Maya on steroids. She is by far my favorite class, but I really want to be able to just punch away like I did early on.

Amara should have a skill that makes her melee damage scale with weapon dps/max damage/item level.
The same could be applied to Iron Bear’s damage.
They could have some skills scale with dps and others with max damage to have a little bit of meta in it.


Love the sound of this, would totally be up for it.