Adjusting ship sensor range/attack families/etc on the fly?

How would one go about using customcommand to edit ship values such as sensor range or family listings on the fly during a game?

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Haven’t seen anything like that, and would be very useful if it existed.

I’m thinking of using grant/ungrant research to apply a multiplayer to the ships sensors. Trouble is I don’t know how to make the ship cloak via customcommand.

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We don’t have to make the ship cloak per se, just send the same values to the ship shader to trigger the cloak effect. Granted I’m not sure exactly how to do that either…

True, but while the cloak is active it can’t be detected and it doesn’t fire. I can’t figure out how to stop it being detected, unless we could use the sensor distortion ability.

EDIT: Oh, wait, I see. We can spawn an invisable subsytem with multipliers to decrease the ships sensor range, or maybe we’ll disable their sensors completly, sensor distortion to hide it and max speed to make it move faster. Oh, and accuracy to stop it firing. Assuming subsystems can have more than one multiplier.

I was also thinking, instead of messing with shaders (they’re a bit over my head), we just spawn an effect surrounding the ship similar to the keepers in the campaign.

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Ah good point.

Of course, that’ll probaby make it impossible to work in classic.

I am 0% worried about backwards compatibility. :p. Classic is dead, long live Remastered! :slight_smile:


I would be happy with sensor values that actually seem to have meaning for how ships behave in their attack scripts or impact weapon accuracy.

I think that bit venom alluded to something about modifying attack scripts through LUA in some future patch, though since very little has been shared from the last patch, I have no idea if anything has been implemented.