Adjustment to Mayhem Mods

I would like to see it possible for us to manually reroll just 1 (or 2) of the mods after we do a “full” reroll. There have been many rolls where I would have been satisfied if I could just change one of the 4 Mayhem 10 mods I rolled. It’s not fun spending 30 or more minutes trying to get just the right roll for what you are planning to do. What do you think?


unnecessarily complicated
just let us select them


At this point it would be best just to make them selectable. Should not be too difficult to do, depending on how they are coded.

The re-rolling thing is definitely for the birds…


I agree that rerolling sucks, but I think we have a better chance of GBX giving us THAT than being able to select the mods.

do you think they are being that sadistic?
even k6 asked randy personally in his stream already xD

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After all, players will reroll until they get the mod that works best for them.
Even just one would help reduce the unnecessary task of rerolls.
But instead of all that, we should be able to choose freely.
It’ll solve everything.

As I mentioned above, players will reroll until they get the best mods, so the very act of rerolling is a detriment to playability.

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What with the extra long loading screens and in game lag, and the modifier induced crashes needing a restart. Rerolling modifiers is the final tedious nail in the BL3 coffin. You spend more time fighting the mechanics of this game than you do actual enemies, such fun :roll_eyes:

No, it’s not at all about them being “sadistic”, it’s simply that developers tend to take things in small steps. I just think that they’d be more likely to allow us to reroll one or two mods instead of simply being able to select each of the mods we want, although I would prefer that as well.

That was my point, Hilly_53. It can take a very long time to roll the 4 mods you want in Mayhem 10. You have one chance in 1296 to get the exact 4 you want (not considering that there are 5 elemental variants of one of the Medium mods). I’ve had many rolls where 3 were “acceptable” and one was not. Being able to change that one mod instead of having to reroll all 4 would be a big help. Still, it would be better if we could just pick the 4 we want for the situation we are facing.

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Yesterday I just rage quit the game. Yes, because of the FULL REROLL every single time!!!
This is really stupid.
I need to pray: I need to get LUCKY to have the specific modifier I want.
But you know what? Sometimes I just need to reroll ONE modifier.
BUT Gearbox doesn’t allow us to do so. We are forced to FULL REROLL.
I just sitting on my chair trying to reroll like 15 mins. Wasting my time.
This is absolutely non-sense!!!
So I rage quit the game.

Gearbox, if you are reading this.
Please, for the love of God.
Let us have an option to turn on/off the modifier .


I hate the modifiers with a passion if they would just allow people to choose or turn off the modifiers ( without penalties) . I’ve deleted the game I’m going to miss the game but I can’t do the modifiers anymore.

It just chaps my rear end that the only choices they give me is play with modifiers , play at the lowest level with least rewards or leave the game .

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You can play M8. It has 2 modifiers IIRC. 2 is much easier to reroll than 4 and I believe they are easy and very hard so its easy to get some that don’t interfere with your game.
And from a developer standpoint why let people play without intended mechanics and still reward the same as those with them?

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I think they are “that” sadistic. They’re beginning to remind me of Bungie and thats sad. We get to a relatively good state and then they react to the positive feedback as if it’s to mean everything’s OP now. I love Borderlands but even this is beginning to wear me down with all the weekly changes. Worst part is the changes benefit everything but the VH.

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Assumes the mods make the game more difficult. That is a false assumption. They make it more tedious, maybe, but not more difficult. I hate the mods with a burning white hot passion but they have never been a problem due the the function of the mods. The increased “challenge” is due to a side effect of the visual noise making target acquisition harder.

Have you played the last DLC for BL2 as Sal? You can’t see anything and have to use the map to kill anything, but nobody really complains about that that I see. Visual clutter is a way of making games harder without increasing the difficulty. If it was just tedious there wouldn’t be such a call to remove them. Think about how tedious it is to buy each ammo type in bl2 compared to bl3 with a single button press.

do you think so?
same people who are asking to remove them are also asking for harder content/no weapon scaling
they are stupid and annoying and i didnt see anything before because i play moze

Don’t get me wrong I’m not really for or against modifiers. TBH I liked m3 when the game was released being forced to adjust how I played made the game more interesting.

No. No. No. No sir. Visual clutter is a design flaw that might make the game harder but only in the same way randomly turning the screen on and off would. If the design was that a weapon for example had some flash bang effect and if you were too close it would blind you that is a legit “blinding” = harder because as a player I have to control how I use the weapon. That isn’t the case with the modifiers which just gunk up my screen because they are there and I can’t do anything about it.

If they want to increase difficulty, which I am all for, then there are plenty of other ways than inducing eye strain:

  • Persist the weapon damage scaling, this is by far the best.
  • Scale enemy HP/DMG past M10 but do not scale player weapons and shields for M11- MInfinite. Just add a raw X% to both figures and let people scale up as far as they want. No balancing needed because the point is to be unbalanced.
  • Remove some of the visual noise. Like the one where enemies get “enraged” being around other enemies. That visual halo on them isn’t even needed but god help us they don’t toss more useless clutter on the screen.

And from a consumer’s stand point why sell me a game and block me from paid content . The problem with developers is when gamers don’t like the content that developers spend time creating they get hurt feelings and stubborn about change .

Not only I but ther many others that hate modifiers with a passion gearbox did not provide a option to turn off or choose what modifiers you want . They gave us three options play modifiers that ruin the game experience for us , play at the lowest level with least challenge and least rewards or just leave the game and go away .

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You can reroll :slight_smile:
You are the ultimate decision maker in bl3. You decide what modifiers you want. You decide what mayhem to play on. You decide what weapons to use. You decide what to fight. You decide where to farm. Bl3 is, as far as I can tell, about giving the player the choice of how to play. In this aspect removing the weapon scaling would help, along with removing mayhem specific gear. That way the only incentive for higher mayhem is the difficulty and loot.

I have not had anything ruined for me with the addition of more modifiers.
There is the option of playing at a lower difficulty and using subpar weapons.
And you can drop the game and stop playing. If you dislike something you have the right to complain about it but don’t assume what plagues one plagues all.
I’ve been able to use the modifiers to make the game easier and clear rooms with a single shot. Ive also used them to make the game extremely biased against my play style. I have only had problems when I am host on a public game and my modifiers change because someone joined me.

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