Adjustment to Mayhem Mods

The current re-rolling system is crap.
When I have to spend 15 to 45 minutes simply re-rolling to not have a modifier I know will crash the game, instead of simply being able to play said game, there is something most definitely wrong.


Are you rerolling each time you get on?

No, but I have 6 vault hunters, and depending on what I am doing I might need to change them a bit.
Plus any coop absolutely screws them all up.


Thats understandable.
I tend to play 1 vh of my five mainly and only the others when I want a change of pace or want to progress a new leveling campaign.

Modifiers are just boring and ruin the end game

you’re losing time to reroll them in order to play
if you want to go online => you lose them

that’s a waste of time and it is not fun, please remove them or let us decide


How do you have 5 VHs?

You create a new playthrough.
Each time you do that, you pick your VH and start the story anew.
Any VH you create is saved.

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Are that character’s stats reset? If not, it’s really the same VH, just with a different game save.

It’s not that hard, man. You start a new character from scratch. Can be one you haven’t played yet or a new one of a class you already leveled.

Exactly as they are saying. I have 4 for the different VHs. Then one that is an active playthrough which is more to see how drops are outside of mayhem and when playing through your first time. So far I’ve had multiple legendaries before level 20 without using the skip to sanctuary.

Each VH you start have their own individual stats.
Each one has their own playthrough experience.
Yes, each one starts from scratch. Using the vault you can transfer gear between them.

Here is an example: I started the game with a FL4K I based on Fadeaway. Throughout his play through I focused on his Fadeaway skills.

Later on I decided I wanted to try a Rakk Attack based build. Instead of respeccing my Fadeaway FL4K, I started a new FL4K character. During his playthrough I built him up for using Rakks.
Now I have two FL4Ks. I did end up respeccing the Rakk FL4K to Gamma Burst.

I also have an Amara, a Moze, and two different Zanes: one based on barrier and clone, one based on clone and drone.

Each one is unique in their own right, but they often share gear between them, shields, weapons, and such…

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Ok, I get it. I was under the impression that we could only have 4 VHs, but that is incorrect.