Adjustments to characters and monsters

After playing yesterday for about 9 hours there are a few things I think need to be adjusted to make this game a little easier and more fun. I will say that I’ve enjoyed my experience so far and I expect this game to be great when it’s in it’s final form.

First, I’ll start will jumping and collision. This seems to be the biggest issue I have while playing. I say issue because it has gotten my killed many times. In the overgrowth map there are two locations that have healing stations. The stairs facing towards the center of the map is a problem. Firstly getting onto the stair is a problem. There is a platform connected to the stairs that you have to jump onto to get to the stairs and I’ve found that it can only be jumped on by a sweet spot on the left side or if I’m using Rath and have his double jump unlocked. Also, the golden crystals right outside the outcast mercenary’s arena. They have a platform behind them. At normal jump height I can almost get on it without using the stairs. If the jump height could be increased for certain characters that would be great or for the case with the healing station problem another set of stairs to make that a little more accessible.

I also have a problem with the collision in this game. Still referring to overgrowth, when jumping out of the base, if you land on top of the sentry you will bounce and can barely move to get off. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to get off just it’s legs. Same with enemy minions. I’ll try to jump over them and land of them and start bobbing up and down and as a consequence I’ll get killed or more injured than need be. Back to not just the healing station areas but a few other corners as well. Going up the center facing stairs the right corner I seem to constantly be getting stuck with every character I’ve used. It’s not just this one either. I get stuck on the rails where some golden crystals spawn, the sides of walls, and there is even a small space where one of the smaller crystals grow but if you don’t jump over it you’ll get stuck on the terrain. I’ll add pictures and video later if I can edit this.

My last comments are the mercs. seem too weak. If you play Montana and land critical hits consistently they will melt like butter. It’s not just Montana though. They are easily slain with Phoebe and Rath solo but also melt when using two or more people attack them. I understand they are not supposed to be super tanky but they pose no real threat as i assume they are intended. When hired and placed on the battlefield they pose no great danger then just one other minion that has slightly more health. I think an adjustment to their health of defense is needed.

Hey there. Ive moved your thread to the beta discussion and feed back category.
Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

Have fun!