Admiral_Bahroo's 1 hour Dev Talk ( NOT MY VIDEO )

really good watch brings up alot of interesting points.

not my content


Wow…Thx for posting.

no problem friend, thought you all might enjoy this

Surprised more people didn’t thank you, must be Bahroo rubs them wrong. :slight_smile:

im not bothered about that, dont see why bahroo would rub em wrong though great content maker for twitch and youtube

And gives the wrong info.

Not going to elaborate on it since I dont want to cross the rules.

neither do i, feel i must add that whenever misinformation is spread one must ask whether it was that persons intention in doing so. im not certain of the situation your referring to so i cannot comment further

Anyone who knows about the history, knows already. Anyone who wants to know or discuss it should use pm.


Already doing so.