Adrion's Complete Tradology

Hello Vault Hunters !

Here is my Complete Tradology and how it will work ! :smile:

  1. It’s useless to mention it, but it’s always better when mentionned, 100% Legit stuff !

  2. If no mention of a stuff level, please assume that it’s OP8 stuff :wink:

  3. COMs, Shields and Relics are mentionned with percents/numbers in this way :
    Leg Hunter 43/35/25 => means Cooldown Rate +43% / Crit damage + 35% / Reload Speed +25%
    Leg Hoarder 4,1 => means Ammo Regen +4,1

  4. Elemental properties are mentionned (Shock/Corro/Fire/Slag or NE = Non Elemental)

  5. PM me to tell me what you’re interested in, first in, first out ! :relaxed:

  6. Usefull to know for trading, I’m on UTC+1 (Paris timeline), so be patient if we can’t join us as soon as you wish :sunglasses:

  7. Items are listed the way they’re banked on each of my characters.

  8. At the end of the topic is listed My WishList, items that I’m still looking at ! :sweat_smile:

And now, enjoy my Tradology !!

(Thanks for reading, any question, please answer the topic ! :grinning: )

Mechro :
Two Fer Unforgiven
Dandy Storm
Scout Bearcat Corro
Wild Bekah OP7
Potent Wanderlust Shock OP6
Practicable Butcher NE
Social Butcher NE
Onslaught Veruc Fire
Wild Hammer Buster
Plenteous Pyrophobia
Rapid Infinity NE
Banbury Volcano
Flush Hammer Buster
Practicable Conference Call NE
Dobby Lyuda Fire OP7
Dubble Gub
Marxman’s Gub
Gentle Deliverance NE
Straight Shootin’ Maggie
Cutling Slagga OP7
Unending Infinity Corro
Pacifying Pitchfork Slag
Social Conference Call NE
Practicable SlowHand Corro
Maximized Fibber Shock OP6
Energizing Fibber Shock OP3
Leg Hunter 43/35/25
Leg Soldier 44/39/23
Leg Catalyst 54
Leg Berserker 51/30/43
Leg Mechromancer 42
Leg Hunter 42/38/24
Leg Hoarder 4,1 OP7
Leg Ninja 59 OP6
Lobbed Pandemic
Sham 83
Sham 85 (x3)
BlackHole (x2)

Assassin :
Bowie Unforgiven
Reactive Butcher NE
Vengeful Infinity Fire
Guaranteed BabyMaker Fire
Muerderer’s Gub
PermaSharp BabyMaker NE
Rapid Infinity NE
Skorry Lyuda NE
Contingent Invader Corro
Barking Volcano
Bolshy Lyuda NE
Shadow of the Seraph 36
Leg Hunter 44/39/22
Leg Ninja 54 LV65
Evolution 2,23
Impaler 2,08
The Cradle
Order 1,94

Gunzerker :
Critical Interfacer NE
Rightsizing Bitch NE
Basic Omen Fire
Moscovite’s Mongol NE OP6
Dubble Gub (another one)
Chain Lightning x2
Homing StormFront
Lobbed Bouncing Bonny Corro
Shadow of the Seraph 33 LV61
Leg Gunzerker 45 LV68
Leg Titan +8903,6
Leg Berserker 51/30/45
Leg Hunter 44/38/25
Leg Berserker 48/32/43

Commando :
Hefty BabyMaker Slag
Practicable Conference Call NE
Rightsizing Bitch NE
Shookum Skullmasher
Quality BabyMaker Fire
Refill BabyMaker Corro
Venture Longbow
Explosive Nasty Surprise

Siren :
Misles Gub
Dandy Volcano
Skirmish Emperor Corro OP7
Liquid Pitchfork Fire
Loaded Hornet
Stopping Emperor NE
Neutralizing Hornet
Resolute Shredifier NE
Crudy Orc Corro
Leg Soldier 47/37/21
Leg Binder 27
Leg Mechromancer 43
Leg Psycho 37/36/0,75
Leg Nurse 11460,1
Sticky Homing Leech Corro
Nasty Surprise Corro
Neogenator 1,94 +825127

Mule :
Potential Butcher NE
Patrol Bearcat NE
Wyld Nassty Sawbar OP7
Rightsizing Bitch NE
Social Bitch NE
Basic Deliverance Shock OP6
Dobby Lyuda Fire OP6
Bolshy Lyuda Corro OP6
Attack Veruc NE OP7
Onslaught Veruc NE
Breach Veruc Corro OP7
BNK3R’s Head : Zer0 - Maya - Salvador - Krieg
Leg Roboteer 24/43 OP6
Leg Roboteer 29/44 OP7
Leg Roboteer 27/47 OP7
Leg Sniper 51/49
Leg Sniper 50/50
Leg Soldier 43/38/24
Leg Catalyst 52 OP7
Leg Torch 59 OP6
Leg Sickle 52
Leg Soldier 43/37/23
Leg Gunzerker 48
Might of the Seraph 44/44
The Bee
The Bee OP7
The Cradle

That’s All Folks !! :blush:

And Here is my WishList (all OP8 please) and I could give away 4 (or more) of the list above for one of this list below :
Gentle Blockhead
Practicable Butcher Fire/Corro/Shock
Cracked Sash (below 1,0)
Fire Fibber (the 9th ricochets one)
Evisceration Grog Noozle
Slippery Ogre
Leg Torch (over +60%)
Casual Carnage
Lobbed O-Negative Slag (below 1,0 fuse time) (x6)

See you Soon !!

Do u have a rustlers orphane maker

Yes it takes me 3h30 to farm it, but I got it !! :smile:

do you need anything on my list ?

The practicable slag slow hand and the 4 brisk baby makers

Feel free to add me on the PSN (same ID).
I’ll send you an invite when I’ll see you online :smile:

Is about an hour from now good with you

It was XMas Time :wink:

When I come back home in a few days I can give you some of the things on your wish list

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does anybody have a bee that is immune to elemental damage or a hawk eye

Hey when I get home I have 3 butchers an other and a grog nozzle for trade there all on you wish list

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Updated my interest list: [OP8] A list of things I'm interested in or looking for

In the meantime, tho:

  • [5] Bladed Tattler Fire
  • [6] Monstrous Storm
  • Legendary Siren 52/39
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Hey ! sorry I’m not very active on the game by now, but feel free to send me an invit and we’ll try to meet in game asap :wink: