ADS Frame stutter

I am sure most people are aware of a good chunk of people are having an issue when aiming down a 2x or higher sight of frames stuttering(myself included).

I have not Identified the direct problem but have been searching this forum and the internet for possible solutions, I will potentially list them later. The reason I am making this post is in hopes of guiding gear box towards the problem as I have found after doing a lot of trial and error that for some reason the issue is with the single player client. I have tested all manor of things you can think of for config ini and graphical settings and have a few command line arugments on to improve performance. The only way I have found to correct the ADS stutter COMPLETELY is to JOIN a friends game and play with them, for some reason it completely removes the issue, and having your friend join your game does NOT work, I am leading toward a coding issue of some kind for single player on certain hardware configurations as not every single person has the ADS problem.

Resolutions I have tried:

  1. Changing graphical setting to very low and changing the rest as you please.
    RESULT = Little to a whooping single stutter improvement to ADS stutter depending on hardware configuration

EDIT:(9-15-19 2:53am)Since I could not sleep, Did some further testing on a previous subject on the notion of lower graphical settings, did some comparison of the ini and the stutter did improve to the point where it will do a single stutter when ADS, then was fine and repeat.
These config settings differ from low to high settings:
both these settings are altered in the ini when the main feature graphic setting is changed, if they are directly linked to the problem I do not know. A redit post was already made about this I am just further imputing on that notion. You can just change the main graphic setting to very low in game or go to the ini on you computer at:

Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings

Change these two lines to:

That should improve the ADS stutter atleast somewhat, this will not remove it, depending on the power of your system might not see any improvement, the quick test I did I get a single stutter when I ADS with a like I think the starter pistol has a 4x scope. I will do combat tests in the morning, If it is atleast playable now, maybe I can finally continue with my level 2 beast master.

Remember: The first ADS after this change the stutter will be the same but should improve after.

  1. Changing Texture streaming to low.
    RESULT = this does help a wee bit, will make textures remain blurry.

  2. Changing dx11 to dx12 (vice versa)
    RESULT = no improvement to ADS stutter

  3. Re-checked INI for corruption
    RESULT = no improvement to ADS stutter

5.Wiped Game save in case of corruption
RESULT = no improvement to ADS stutter

  1. Locking frame rate to less then 80
    RESULT = I am used to 120+ looked choppy regardless, other say it did help, not to me.

  2. Various other testing that I can not think of ATM
    RESULT = no improvement to ADS stutter

    RESULT = SMOOTH AS BUTTER Completely removed the stutter

Remember everybody has a different setup, results may vary
Also please refrain from discussing performance problems here, this is meant for the ADS STUTTER NOT OVERALL PERFORMANCE

Summary as of 9-15-19(3:00am)

  1. Changing graphical setting to very low and changing the rest as you please. Does help the stutter after the first ADS after the change.

  2. Joining a friends game does seem to completely remove the ADS stutter

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Can confirm the same, have tried most of these as well and the following which have not helped so far -

  • Clean removal & reinstall of drivers
  • Adding the “USEALLAVAILABLECORES” launch option that was mentioned
  • Changing the party options to “local only”
  • Locking to a specific framerate

It seems like the only known solution at the moment is in fact to join a friends game and not be the lobby host.

Summary as of 9-15-19(1:18pm)

  1. Changing graphical setting to very low and changing the rest as you please. Does help the stutter after the first ADS after the change if not using a 4x or higher scope and also swapping weapons seems to reset a loading parameter I think. I would suggest just staying away from 4x or higher until they fix this.

  2. Joining a friends game does seem to completely remove the ADS stutter.

From my testing the game has many other performance issues other then this which most people are aware of, which again they need to fix. I just wish they would take more time to fix these things rather then release the game on time. “Quality over Quantity” has always been my rule.

Anyway, if you have this issue I believe these are your only two options to try and enjoy the game, I am going to try to continue to play and tweak as I go, and maybe things will get better. I would not expect a fix to these issues any time soon as they will require time for them to air out, just disappointed as the other borderlands ran so well on my pc’s in the past. This will make me re think my future purchases has to the technical quality of their work.

Anything anyone can contribute to the issue is welcome.

Thanks for the detailed summary! Very helpful.

It does spoil the game a bit but at least some parameters to the problem have been established as it should help the developers zero in on a fix. I would hope it shouldn’t take that long as the game runs perfectly when in someone else’s game.