Adult BL2 players

Looking for some adult BL2 players… gamertag spuddy31

Add me , but i just started so im only at lvl 15

GT SedatedSquirrel

Added GT= mikesavelkoul

CandiedHamm927 I’m on a lot, it would be nice to play with someone over ten…

I play mostly at night after the kids are in bed but feel free to add me. Gamertag: Drewthreet

Can add me also gt is EazyBrown just send a message so I know who you are so I can add you back

Mind I join in gt same

I’m looking for people to play with as well gt is stinkyspoon69

MachadoGhoulish please add me!!!

Gamertag: MachadoGhoulish .

Gt is NaztyNate90 I’m down to play

gamertag: Xx T3RRIER xX

GT: Ultimatesinned

Feel free to add me

GT: DeLaJester55 just send me a message and I’im in!

GT : Swan Swag, I’m always down to play.

I’ll join gt: Grayaj

Hey Guys, would love to join anyone on TVH, GT: SkipjackMaloney

Anyone 18+ who wants to play BL2 / TPS add me


Gt: beedub321

Usually play late at night and have a mic.

Main op8 gaige and have an op8 Maya as well, but can start new character if needed

im a new starter ( level 15 ), feel free to add. GT: nucleuscelll