Adult players on eastern time

I’m an adult player looking for fellow eastern time adult to play BL2 with.

Gt is Crackin Yo Nuts

Usually on around 9 pm till midnight. (Have 2 kids and a wife)

Add me and reply with your GT and likely times for gaming.

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Eastern US adult here! I have a level 54 Maya, a 30 something Gaige and a low level Salvador. I don’t have a usual time for playing, but if I’m on, feel free to shoot me a message. GT CraftyNessa.

This. Just got Xbox 1 in the last 2 wks. picked up 2 games with it, Fallout 4 and the Borderlands Collection, I’ve only loaded and played Fallout 4, so far, (even through I’ve played BL 2 and BLTPS almost exclusively from day one for both games), just to give myself a little break from Borderlands.

Once I get it loaded and my saves crossed over, then I’ll start playing again.

GT = Name
Time = 9pm to almost 1am EST
Age = 55
I have toons at various levels and stages in both games.

Just messages only, I don’t accept FR’s until several games sessions have went by

That’s one thing that’s different about the One from the 360. On the One, you can add someone as a friend without them adding you back. That’s helpful, so I can look at my Borderlands tab and see how many friends I have playing, whether they consider me a friend or not.

Now if only I could group friends: game specific, people I’ve actually met IRL, etc… :slight_smile:

Hmm, being “New” to Xbox 1 didn’t know that yet, so yeah go ahead and add then,

Oh, and I do have a mic and use it

I am 27 and am usally on by 9 till 1
My gt is fallenslayerx1 anyone else on eastern time weirded out by the strange not winter like weather we are getting

I’m 18 and stuck on a dam fine rescue. I accidently fast traveled at the end. any help would be nice. gt is hype matrix.