Advanced Bots Battle

Breaking Character…

Given how popular Bots Battle seems to be, especially on PC, would it be worthwhile to create an Advanced Bots Battle mode like the other single player modes?

Maybe increase the health or movement speed or stamina of the AI Battleborn, increase their sentry health, and have more minions/higher powered minions trying to attack your sentry? Just to make it more of a challenge for people who like the PVP modes, but hate grinding the PVP experience against hardcore premades? (or on PC, not playing at all)

My answer is yes. Yes. I would love to see Advanced Bots Battle become a permanent feature in Battleborn, especially on PC, since that’s the only way I’ve been able to play versus for at least a month and it is really, really easy in its present form.


Hell I’d like to see it and I hardly play bots battle


Make them hunt like a pack! With their aimbot and perfect coordination it would be challenging!!

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I’d like to see it, and i’ve NEVER played Bots Battle!

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What’s the trade off? More xp and credits?

Is like face new players going 1by1 to their death but perfect aim.

Alani and montana are thirsty and land lots of crits.


That’s what I was thinking. Loot. XP. Credits.
I’m reluctant to say platinum only because that would make the true PVP players salty.

Pretty much the same rewards you’d get in the other PVE modes when you play on harder difficulties.


Choose Advanced then the server will spit out 2 Ghalt, 2 Alani and 1 Montana.

It would be interesting to let you choose your own opponents in bots battle too.
That way if you need to complete “Kill Ambra” or “Kill Oscar Mike” lore, you can get it a little easier.
I’m thinking, maybe each human player can choose an opponent or set his choice to random.


Good idea!

Even if they can’t do that in public in private it would be amazing

…Maybe they should just make PvP queue’s give people anonymity by hiding their names and level and profiles, just calling them by their character. So they SEEM like their bots!

But seriously thats how GW2 got people to get over PvP shyness, world vs world every enemy is nameless, they’re just soldiers of the enemy.



That’s actually a VERY interesting idea!

As for Adanced Bots Battle, hell, I think even I would play that every now and then!


The biggest problem I’ve seen in bots battles is that the bots don’t level with the players. I’ve had many matches where my team was all level 10, but the highest bot was level 6. I think the bots should all be the same level as the highest player, or the medium of all of the player levels so they don’t fall so far behind.

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Biggest problem I see is, they run away like little girls.


The easiest way for more challenging bots battles is to reduce the player count. Let only 2-3 Players play against 5 bots. That way it is way more challenging.


Last night played a Bot Battle with 2 Montana, 1 Boulder, Alani and Ambra. The Montanas and Boulder pack hunted, where Boulder would rush in, followed by Montana 1 and then Montana 2. It was the hardest Bot Battle I have played in memory.

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I’d run away too if my opponent was 5 levels higher than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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