Advanced Difficulty: Is there a point?

Other than the obvious reason of “because it’s more challenging” is there a point to doing Advanced?

More experience? More credits? Better loot chances(actual confirmation of this by GB not mere anecdotal speculation)?

More of a challenge maybe? :joy: And I’m not sure it is confirmed but I’ve read somewhere that advance gives better drop rates??

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Well it should be obvious if you have played both a normal and advance games thus far. But yes playing Advance does give you more command and character experience as well as more credits.

As far as the increased drop chance and/or rarity of loot, we can only speculate at this point. But based on my personal experience, yes the rarity is increased at the least if not drop chance as well. And based off Gearbox previous games, you would think higher difficulty gives you better ■■■■ :slight_smile:

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Unlocking ghalt ?


Higher chance of better lewt.

higher chances of wasting time

basically a nightfall mission from destiny, when you wipe on the boss at the end you have to do 20-30 minutes of the mission again

way too punitive

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Higer chances of getting loot. I played with a GBX employee the other day and that’s what he said after we got Geoff’s legendary.

better loot % chance on hardcore, less likely get negative stats. and higher %. so if got same blue on normal , better chance that blue on advance is better with out the negative stat.

Advanced mode allows your entire team to go down at once when being hit by one little red bomb. :rotating_light:


I’ve gotten plenty of legendaries just from playing on pub normal, I would need actual confirmation from gearbox that states advanced, hardcore etc. have higher drop chances. I’ve gotten plenty of whites and greens, hardly any blues from advanced and hardcore runs. It’s all just RNG in my eyes

I played with a Gearbox Employee that said Advanced does improve legendary dorp chance.

That’s you saying someone told you, not an official statement, you don’t work for gearbox.
I stand by pure RNG until proven otherwise.

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I got two legendary in one match as Boldur, generally see more blues and purples. Seems like it drops better.

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I don’t think they’ll come out saying that with a big announcement, if you don’t believe the dude I played with. Most times drop rates in most games are determined through community testing. But maybe in a interview.

I’ve gotten back to back legendaries from jailer Hylis on regular normal, and none from advanced/hardcore. I still just think it varies from person to person and is all random.
Nothing much more to be said here everyone’s loot drop experience is different

But gear that has negative stats is better, it costs less… :disappointed_relieved:

my experience from my first time trying advanced algorithm


Maybe I’m just that bad, but goddamn is that a difficulty spike

The only reason for me would be unlocking Deande trough advanced missions, but
I guess I either use my spare unlock Key or maybe I level enough this sunday to unlock her that way

You can’t say something like that with out providing an actual source or evidence.

Ask a gearbox employee then. Gee, what a big deal, I was just sharing what I got.

Calm down. I’m just saying you can’t say something as definitive as “Yeah, Gearbox dude said so” then not cite it. No need to spread possible misinformation.

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