Advanced difficulty

So having a healer in this mode is mandatory? I feel like the groups of all dps or with just a support and not a healer (cough cough the only one in the game) groups get shredded. I gave up on playing my preferred class because no one wanted the stress of having to keep people alive. This kinda ruined at least for me a single player mode I already didn’t care for. I kinda wish you would of just focused on more pvp maps/modes instead of tacking on a story because have mercy on the game that doesn’t have a single player mode regardless of how bad it is.

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Played one Adv match. Two support three damage. We didn’t make it passed the first group. It was sad. Back to the kiddy pool for me.

I just ran The Renegade with a random team of all dps (I was Ambra so I was off-heals I guess). It was tough, but we kicked butt.

Played destiny on hard mode and did weekly nightfalls usually with just one less and never got shut out as bad as in this. Guess I won’t get ghalt after all

For a full group i would think a healer is needed, i mean Gf and i got gold on all but three on advance in a twin damage duo, but with more people that damage does get nasty

So much for playing what you wanna play. Someone has to sit back holding right click I guess

I think there will be adjustment as new players adjust to how much harder Advanced mode is. However, it’s not impossible mode, it’s not even OP 8, it’s just an excellent challenge that requires you to play well (ok, except for the $@$@# Saboteur on 5 player difficulty where the defense point health doesn’t scale). I look forward to starting runs in advanced and hope people have patience with randoms to stick with it. You are going to fail some because people in your group don’t know what they’re doing, there it is… It’s far better they have this advanced matchmaking than not, because doing the same easy runs on the first couple of missions gets really dull really quickly

Kleese is a good support “cough cough”, plus Alani is on her way. I do agree not enough people play support in games even though its easy, I usually play support or tank in games to help out.

First try got wrecked(had a miko). Last 2 tries we did fine(no support character). I’m sure everyone is still trying to get used to the difficulty. You definetly need to be more careful on how you engage enemies.(did this with randoms btw)

No thanks, I’ll stick with pvp so I don’t have to be forced to play characters I don’t care about or have a desire to play.

But pvp is even more prone to team compositions, complementing others’ picks and adapting.

It’s not that hard to be honest

yes you will. just get to 40 rank. it probably would happen anyway if you did manage to get silver on most of the advanced missions (adding to current rank)

this is how it is in all these games. same in overwatch when i played the beta. 3 snipers. 2 tanks. i guess ill be a support. i dont mind playing other classes. i just realize when someone else plays a big character like kleese or montana, i cannot be a range character. my bullets get stuck behind them constantly.

Just had a run at the Heliophage. I feel like the team did alright, but one person died a ton and basically sapped our lives for the Rendain fight. It’s definitely not impossible. I also agree that missions like Saboteur need to scale because I got wiped out in the second wave of it almost instantly.

5 player scaling is just ridiculous. I thought normal mode was bad, in Advanced we were getting overrun to the point where we had to retreat and were still getting killed. Also somehow people were getting insta-killed the moment they got revived and both attempts at Advanced ended in failure, The Alogorithm and The Archive too, argubly 2 of the easiest missions out there just annailated within the first section of each mission. I have also beaten these relatively easily solo :confused:

Any of the support classes will be fine. I ran the renegade and sentinel missions last night as Reyna and we did fine. Myproblem with other missions wasn’t heals but with the escort/defended objective getting blow up. Before everyone whines about it though we should run it enough to see if with practice and coordination they can be done just fine. I like hard content and if advanced with 5 players just becomes an uncoordinated frag fest then it’s no different than normal

wolfie was going down in voids edge. i had to sprint over and pay for some healing. once his life started coming back from the danger zone, others began pumping shards into him as well. we ended up clearing it pretty easily but that was the closest call. on normal i never had an issue with this. nice to have to pay attention to him again.

Just played a team of 5 on Helio advanced, we had a Miko, all of us died at once when we first entered the very first battle. There seems to be something bugged or the damage there is way too much.
I’m a level 72, Master of Deande, and have no idea what took us out.

Its really funny to me that Single Player advanced is likely infinitely easier than 5-man. Heck while me and a friend were trying to get Ghalt together we eventually gave up on duoing at the Saboteur and just soloed it and Heliophage because it was that much easier.

I just can’t imagine what a full 5 man Advanced Archive is like. I shudder too much to.

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