Advanced difficulty

I don’t think a healer is MANDATORY, but definitely advised. Witthout a healer you have to play it very safe and discerning and on top of all revives (as there will be a need for alot of them.) Have a support and a damage sponge definitely helps things alot.

…I did it with a full team of Mike’s, I was Thorn.
Had already posted in these forums that we all thought we were playing Serious Sam, it’s totally nuts.

My main advice, don’t worry about the Data, just keep the team alive.
:sunny: Thorn can stand at the energy barrier and take out most everything without getting hurt.

I’ve seen this too I think it’s those big dudes that stand with their staff in the air. Calling down some projectile. Also I’ve noticed some throwing bombs. The ground only highlights red for a brief moment before your dead. On normal I could take the damage but advance it seems to be instakill. if your in a group close together, everyone goes down

Ha-ha okay yeah I don’t usually see those summons because I’m either dead from the blast or i turned to avoid the impact. When I turn back the thrall are already advancing.

…Yup, doing The Archive on Advanced I’ve gotten good at watching for those.
If that’s what happened to us it bugged because none of us saw anything.
But it got better the next time, the dark minions spawned there instead so it was just nasty hunters.

I hate the part is algorithum on 5 player advance… god damn those robot assassins kills u within 1-2 hits depending what character u take

Garentee that the whole group will wipe once getting towards the henchmen as 8 assassins will spawn spam crossblade slow and just charge and instant kill ya

Also i notice that shielded enemies got a big damage reduction

It annoys me aswell that players dont knock back the suicide bombing robots because if u knock them back into other enemies they will instant kill that enemy group

But on advance 5 player… please dont run melee unless u have a boldur or miko within the group… if u do not have a tank or healer running melee u will burn our lives and force players to consently attempting to raise u back up which burns more lives

Also in advance 5 player please make sure to take slows, stuns, knock ups… as much CC as possible it makes it a lot easyier then players going full class cannon and being wrecked by a thrall brute u will not out damage those mob types once there in ur face

Also if ur doing sobateur, experiment, achive, renegade,. U need toby, isic, ambra, kleese, anyone who can place traps shields orbs to secure the objective without these characters i garentee u that u will fail the misson as no one is protecting the cores or sentry bot which is needed

As for buildables buy the temporal turrets or flash these will stun enemies or slow then down mega which helps a lot

With the personal turret get temporal as the healing and assult are bad as the healing turret will attempt to heal buildables and the assult turret will go off on its own and get killed

The temporal turret will throw down a slow field on the floor use this to slow down enemies to kill them with ease

Character tiers for PVE advance 5 man difficulty

S Tier


A tier

Oscar mike

B tier


C tier

El dragon
Shayne & aurox
Whiskey foxtrot

This is all from my own personal experiance running advance 5 man i find that running melee characters is suicide and thaf some characters just does not perform well at all or require “high” skill or the perfect team to do well

However this is just my own personal tier list by running advance mode a lot it may be that certain characters got higher skill rooof then others

But anyway i wish gear box lock out advance mode unless u got Gold on a mission to unlock the advance mode of said mission u got gold on… i see many players in advance difficulty who dont know what they doing and running around headlessly

This most noticable missons is sobateur, helio, archive, sentinal, experiment, these missons require coordination

Example in sentinal if u jump down thw cliff and all run in seperate directions u will spawn the entire area which will wipe the group over and over as thralls and spawners will consently spawn minions which will over run the players and will turn into horde mode

No, just basic knowledge of what you’re doing and how your character flows and fights.

A good idea, yes. Mandatory, no. That title goes to Oscar Mike. His stealth revives are a powerful glue to hold a ramshackle team together.

A good Bolder can also work wonders for pulling agro.

But, a healer with someone like Attikus and his health boost, maybe a max HP boosting gear can work wonders for tanking aggro.

I honestly disagree with the Gold requirement.
For me it would leave me unable to try The renegade or the last mission since I can’t score higher than Silver for some reason.
But I do understand why you would want that, even on Normal there are too many people running around and dying.

Yeah, not really sure what the thought process was in terms of scaling for additional players. I actually just created a thread to find out if there’s anything suggesting the issue will be addressed, after all, this is suppose to be a “social” game. It’s as though they’re encouraging solo play with campaign missions.