Advanced/Hardcore Campaign Scaling

Hi just curious if anyone’s heard anything regarding multi player difficulty scaling in campaign. I kind of think that it’s backwards to be able to solo missions on adv/hardcore so easily (I’ve run through renegade and sabotuer dozens of times) but then you join up with a few friends and the game almost goes into near impossible mode. I was under the assumption the game wanted to encourage you to tackle missions with a group.

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the one thing I noticed is that the boards are easier depending on team mates and picked battleborne. I have yet to beat heliophage on hard and I’ve only gotten to rendain once while playing with a group. Usually it’s a wipe pretty soon after the first room. Anyhow, I had only recently beat the sabatour. Let me tell you, our group smoked it. I think there was more than 70% left on the bar. Any other time, it was a wipe virtually after the first wave. I think it has to do with the volume of guys and the total amount the game assumes each person can handle. I do think it takes some coordination with your group to play well and that’s what they are getting at with these.

  • The part about this game wanting you to tackle missions with a group is correct, there will be multiple bigger, more powerful enemies while rushing into a mission with a group of 5, it will be challenging, even more challenging when people don’t know what they’re suppose to be doing, or trying out a new character.

  • You can, and will die very often, but staying in close proximity to each other and play through each wave as a team opposed to running off getting all the kills like you would in normal solo, will not do the team any good if there’s no one near to revive anyone when they’re all dead.

  • [ Don’t stay too close to each other though, those enemy grenades suck. haha ]

  • I honesty feel like there’s no true reward for beating Advanced / hardcore aside from getting trophies or medals and bragging rights, if you’re hunting for Legendary gear, you’re better off running normal missions for less of a headache like failing missions, people running off, testing out they’re new character moves for the F of it.

  • A challenge is a challenge, do it for self pride if for nothing else in my opinion.

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Actually, Advanced has legendary drops you CAN’T get on normal. The alamo-7 can only be gotten from ISIC on advanced, and the leech steel brooch from Jailer hylis on advanced(just to name a few). There’s a topic on this forum that says this(and which bosses drop what) on the forum

So do you recommend solo players to solo Private Story Mode or play Public Story Mode?

  • If solo players seek more of a challenge, then I would recommend them to play with a full team on Advance / Hardcore.