Advanced Heliophage 3 looking for 2

3 players looking for 1- 2 to join advanced Heliophage. Play time : 11:30 Eastern
Gt : Beastlyskittles
Send message if interested

I’m up for it but can only get on later this week

Idk if you are still looking, because I did not pay attention to the time. I’m lazy like that.
Anyways, my Gt= YaCantDutchThis
I’ve played the Heliophage about 3 times on advanced already so I know what I’m doing. ;p
I can help out with keeping ya’ll alive(Miko) or dealing some crazy damage while looking gracefull af(Phoebe).

Think we will try tonight. If we don’t get it let me know when later this week will work

Dee I’ll send you a message