Advanced Heliophage Tips?

So we all know heliophage on advanced is a straight kick in the balls. Trust me I have tried it about a good 30+ time with only 5% of the time a actually making it to the end and that was by the skin of our teeth and if we do make it to the end we only get ton the second wave of bosses.
Six bosses plus Rendain is just insane and it’s a beating.
I’m sure most of you guys have beaten it and I’m curious who you used and what you did in order to beat it.
It’s mostly when they decide to spam the hell out of the enemies is when all hell breaks loose and everyone starts dying.
Me and my friend tried tag teaming it and only got to the second crystal on the second wave and ran out of time.
I’m beginning to think it’s impossible.
But the tips I have gathered after all those beatings are:

•Go straight for area bosses
•Push forward as much as possible and quickly as possible
•Destroy anchors as soon as they spawn to reduce the enemies from spawning in
•Stay to together at all times (United you stand, divided you fall)
•Have at least one or more healers
•Bring one Tank
•And most importantly avoid the middle area where all the enemies are to avoid unnecessary deaths and just take the long way around.

Other then that I’m not making much progress and always end up failing.
Hell getting silver or gold is gonna be a nightmare

My best tip; Don’t try it with five players unless you have entirely absorbed the lessons of "becoming a man"
As swift as a coursing river, with the force of a great typhoon and with the strength of a raging fire!

I’ve only completed it solo or with one other person (With Rath and Attikus. Oh and Oscar Mike too. I still need to complete it with Deande.) Got Gold on Normal and Advanced, but I don’t think I’ll be able to try Hardcore any time soon. I always get pushed off the platforms at least once…

You really need to be fast when completing the beginning - Only kill the enemies you really have to, only collect the shards you really need, only go for the boxes if you really want gold. Unless you are very efficient at killing. So, Speedrun that ■■■■. I’m usually left with 4-7 minutes on the clock when I go and fight Rendain.

Also, the Bliss (snow) platform is your friend. Clear all the adds on that island when they appear, the enemies on other islands won’t shoot you if you leave them alone. (Might cause trouble if you need to switch places. Try not to, or if you do, be fast.)

I got one tip for you: Boulder

The suitability of this character is unsurpassed. sure his damage isn’t great, but once you get that level ten upgrade that makes your great shield generate no heat, you can sit against a wall indefinitely. And the best part? while doing that you get health regen.

That is how i did hardcore advanced. Solo. with boulder. sit in a corner and hit things every so often. And dont be stupid and go jumping all over the place.

I beat it with 2 friends on the second try. Been a while though so I can’t remember who we used but I think I was Miko and one friend was Isic.

I refuse to even do Heliophage with a pug. If its picked I just back out as I’m not willing to waste a bunch of time just to lose.

From experience when I have tried it I would say avoid melee characters. Some could work like Boldur but other than that idk. The more people the worse it gets for melee. Second I would say BRING MIKO. He is by far the most important. Then I would still bring maybe Reyna. Isic is great because of his multiple shields. If you can survive as Deande she can stunlock Rendain quite a lot with her uppercut. I havn’t tried bringing Benedict, but if playing safe he could get out of most danger pretty quick…maybe.

I appreciate the tips guys and it will for sure help me on my run when I’m doing hardcore.
But I ended up soloing it with galilea.
Went straight life steal and health regeneration and beat with 2 life’s remaining.
All I can say is Nyx was a pain in the ass.

Solo. You can face roll Heliophage advanced with the stronger battleborn, like Galilea.

I’ve soloed it personally with Marquis, ISIC, Thorn, Galilea.

The scaling is jacked when you do it with more than two people ? Bagranth’s shield never comes off and you literally have to wait till its hp drop down to the threshold.