Advanced Heliophage

Looking for a group of 3-4 people to complete Heliophage on advanced with. Psn: Darkisha_Black

Same, so you can count me in. PSN: devastator_TTT2

Same here! Goldhawk1

Just tried solo again, this time with Ambra. Had the last phase of the final boss down to 50% life before I finally ran out of lives. Took 64+ minutes and 19 respawns. I really think we need a group of 5 to get this done stress free haha.

I’m on the west coast and pretty much anytime after 3pm is good for me.

I’ll add you and we can do it together, I already beat it, but I’m all for helping others out.

Anyone still need to do it, I need help looking for atleast 3 people. Tried to solo it did not go awful but did not go great when it came to hte boss

LFG for Advanced PSN is BoBtheEvilMonkey Thanks

if still looking down to join

was wondering if you still doing advance heliophage could use some help finding a group

Same add me Vaikyrie__ (double underscore)

we should start looking for a group whats your gamer tag

I definetly need help with Heliophage Advanced i have a friend who has tried with me to beat it but he and i just can’t seem to do it as of right now - PSN: btbell96

I also made a community to help set up parties if anyones enterested on PSN its “The Battleborn Helpers” kinda cheesy but was on the spot

Anyone down to do heliophage advanced today that would be cool psn thesaucycrem

I would LOVE to find some people to do this mission with! I have a mic and mostly play kleese and isic!

my psn is Gloomsbee

please leave a message if you add that you are from gearbox forums or just mention the mission!