Advanced Story co-op

Mainly looking to do Advanced co-op but also willing to do Hardcore. Either is fine.
GT: mcnichoj

looking to do advanced as well massege me if needed GT: mori59

Same, GT is dobsonthe3rd feel free to message me

GT shokka1 for advanced

You guys can add me @AvengedHero97

wich platform?

This is an Xbox One thread, so…Xbox One…:upside_down_face:


lol such a noob!

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SugaShane1987 if ya need a helping hand as a healer.

Hey very interested in advanced missions. Love playing boulder. Add me on xbox live tag grimlin429. Got a few friends that really excited for it

Lfg advanced any mission


Mic is not working but can hear chat

Level 20


If you need help sometime, I am willing.

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