Advanced story matchmaking

I really like this game, but man… I’ve been trying for a couple of days to get into a public advanced story mission. It’s just been awful, after waiting for 5-10 minutes i usually get matched with a single lvl 100 player, who always disconnects during character selection. So then i disconnect and attempt to matchmake again.

i did this for about 30 mins last night before I threw in the towel and played something else. As active as these forums are, where the hell is everyone? I’m in a couple of PS4 battleborn communities. The are mostly quiet despite being packed with members.

Shoot me some friend requests and inivtes people. I really want to play this damn game.


…Yup, I’m on Steam and have that thing spinning for two days now, not one player.

Things are quiet over on the community run Battleborn Discord as well.

I am always down to play some story mode, my psn is vegan_cookies5

What’s your psn? There’s a group of us who pretty much always have at least are few on, and have started running 5 man private matches together, sometimes all as random. Some like PVE as well, and ik I need a few legendaries
EDIT: it’s the same here as on psn I see. I just freida requested you and I’ll add you to the chats. It may become a community soon but it’s being deliberated on

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I am often still looking to run advanced stories or any PvE when on. Shoot me an invite some time if you like. We are already PSN friends. PSN ID langfordrocks. Thanks.

You got it

…Not coming back to Discord, the overall filth there was more than I could stomach.

Instead of just saying it on the forums, why didn’t you bring it up with the staff on the Discord server instead?

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…I did and I asked Kal why he used so much profanity there, far as I know he never responded.

It was me? Well, I don’t know why I may not have responded. I’ve been stressed out a lot lately. I’ve been moody, distracted and things overall haven’t been going well. I’m generally having to divide my attention between several places being on the forums, on many Discord servers, on Twitter and whatever else it is I am doing whether it be gaming, Netflix, Crunchyroll, cooking, eating or other. I’m stressed out a lot. I’m angry a lot. I try to keep it to myself but I am not always successful. I feel like all I can do is screw things up, to put it more politely. Perhaps I’m just not meant to interact with others.

No, you just need a break.