Adventure Mode for multiple characters

Once the game has been beaten once on THVM it would be nice if an adventure mode could be unlocked like Diablo 3 had for leveling other characters, because as it is now the story can be a slog to get through, may be why people don’t like creating multiple vault hunters.


Was even more of a slog in bl2 as we needed to complete all 3 playthroghs on each character. At least in bl3 we can max level a character in normal mode, and once mayhem is enabled there is little difference between normal and tvhm.

I’m currently slogging a zero through tvhm in bl2 and it is daunting to think about having to do it for uvhm as well.


Not really… I did that twice for all characters (once for krieg and gaige)

Where’s in BL3 I only played the full thing twice with Zane because of the stupid level cap increases… Amara I rushed through to level her and the other 2 I played on and off towards 50 never to bother again…

BL3 is so mind-numbingly boring… Only thing I liked replaying are DLC 1 and 2

Oh, and currently started over with a new Axton and having more fun then playing 3

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