Advertising clutter

I get BL3 banners on both my Steam and Epic installs now as well as a prioritised menu entry. I’m not against them “in principle” and I’m not “making a stand” or anything. It’s just… Annoying for a specific set of reasons.

Here’s the thing. When I installed BL2 on Epic it searched my installs, found BL1 and gave me the appropriate bonuses. Why isn’t it searching my installs, finding that BL3 is also installed and not showing me the unnecessary, distracting and, quite frankly, annoying clutter?

I left Borderlands 3 because, although it’s fun to actually play, it’s endgame is a soul-sucking slog through overly convoluted loot tables. If you want me back? Plastering unwanted clutter all over my BL2 install that I have to look at every time I relog to kill a boss probably isn’t the best way to go about it. What it’s doing, and I understand completely this isn’t intended, is rubbing my nose in the fact that a game I wanted so badly and tried so hard to love just isn’t a game I want to play. I didn’t rage quit BL3 or anything, I just sort of lost interest and drifted away because I’m not re-grinding incredibly rare gear every time you decide to raise the level cap by a couple of digits just to make sure there’s a point to grinding. That’s just a snake eating it’s own tail and not in the slightest bit fun.

Reminding me the game exists isn’t going to make me come back, only fixing the issues I have with it will do that. If that gets done I guarantee that you won’t need an advertising banner in another game to get me back. Reminding me just makes it less likely I’ll be back to BL3 any time soon just to play the DLC instead of expecting any value out of the end game passtimes.

I am, after all, playing BL2 again for a reason.

Can you please just let us disappointed fans cool off a bit? Scan our installs, which is already being done for BL1 anyway, and if we have BL3 installed can you please get rid of the clutter?

It would be greatly appreciated.


I hear ya. Been playing the Handsome Collection / Pre Sequel on PS4. Have the same banners.

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Thats horrible.

Its also a keynote how many ppl dissapointed with the game/3 drift away rather than stay or voice complaints… They go back to bl2. But now 2 rubs ur face into look at 3!..

I felt not saying anything woulda been mee three… if i didnt come to bug report… But then bug reports… Loot.bad cuz mayhem 2.0 weird.bugs modifiers and my wife quotting the game when we played the whole borderlands series together? We even pvp dueled to launch eachother into general knoxx’s armory.

I also bought maybe 10 ppl borderlands 2 as a gift overtime. I have extended family which plays…

Im actually the sole one left clinging to this game like some kinda anoying leech complaining.

Those ppl all have their own reasons why they dont play… Tbh their opinions become my own n i voice em… But i feel im wasting my time… Its not magical like bl2 was. It doesnt have that exploration feel or vastness feel.

I dunno how many times i went to the Hyperion exploitation center and it felt magical still with all thr animals and robots. It felt ALIVE. A shooter a rpg a living world… Random enemies with some same old enemies. That doesnt exist here. The campaign was short. Theres more dark souls hidden circles maps here.

Borderlands 2 was unique it had the winning formula and tiny tina just topped it all for me. I always say I love borderlands 2 fully! Cant say i feel the same about 3.

Why throw out a winning formula.